New Show on the Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World from September 3, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have reviewed the latest show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World dated September 3, 2020.

Pastor Paul started the show by asking Mike about the BBC disclosing two black holes colliding and 50 waves of energy headed towards the earth and if this is part of the 5 waves of energy he has been informing us about over the past several years. Mike stated that it was a cover scenario fed to the public as to an explanation of what is happening with the Earth’s core. Mike stated that most people can’t see a black hole in space, and this is just a cover as a plant of an idea and the world will accept some of the theories they are presenting, but we know it is really caused from this binary system. Pastor Paul asked Mike if it is the binary system, what does he expect will happen in the next few months on the Earth. Mike stated that we are going to have an issue with our Sun. Mike stated this colder sun from this binary system is going to affect our Sun, in which our Sun is known as a “yellow dwarf star”. Mike said that we will have disruptions in our magnetosphere, a 20 to 30 percent increase in atmospheric plasma that will cause many catastrophic weather events, and major heat waves coming off of the sun. Mike stated that the sun’s activity is unusual, and we have inbound pulses heating up the Earth’s core, and it will change the geography of our planet. Mike stated that the grand canyon actually changed over a month’s time, instead of it being over a long period of time and they are just now beginning to discover this. Mike stated that they know this because they are discovering hundreds to thousands year old maps showing a different geography and how we believed certain geographies of the Earth were formed in certain time periods, but now know differently. Mike stated there are springs in the middle of the Earth and no one can explain why or how this occurred. Mike also stated there are also some massive pyramids inside the Earth and they are trying to cover up anything that points back to the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Paul stated that they have found 200 meteorites in Brazil, and asked what caused these meteorites to hit the Earth. Mike stated these are unexpected passages of rocks hitting the Earth and this occurs daily, but normally it is not that concentrated. Mike stated this will continue to increase, and our atmosphere is being penetrated by heavy elements. Mike stated the more iron these meteorites contain, the more it pertains to the sun, and as we have more and more incursions from the atmosphere that will cause catastrophic damage and death, it is going to create panic. Mike stated that the A.I. programs know about social behavior and are beginning to maneuver which direction our societies will go as these events unfold. Mike stated when you see serious individuals in high positions of authority begin to disappear, then you know something bad is getting ready to happen. Mike stated they take an honest person and corrupt them, and they live on their passion because that is what people believe in. Mike stated this why we need to have our Faith in Our Lord, and not individuals. Both Pastor Paul and Mike talked about the deep state and their deception.

Pastor Paul asked about the special powers of the Pyramids. Mike stated the Egyptians are proudful, and we can’t believe that the Pyramids were built by men. Mike stated they have seen what is inside the Pyramids with ultrasound waves in secret rooms, and that the Pyramids are in alignment with each other and there are several underneath the ground. Mike also stated the tombs were just part of what the Pyramids were created for, and there is almost like a semi-conductor that is used by these pyramids as a source of power. Mike stated that if they had a method that could altar a person’s mind, they could control a person without their knowledge, and that they also can map out people’s dreams and put certain images in people’s minds.

Pastor Paul asked Mike what was going on in the Antarctica region. Mike stated that most people can’t even get up there, and that most Christians would not even go to that area because of the presence of evil there. Mike stated that the deep state is trying to influence Christians into believing that they have to see things to believe in Jesus Christ, and that we have to utilize our Faith because we don’t need people dictating to us about Our Lord, because we believe in Our Lord on Faith without seeing. Pastor Paul asked about the deep state and what are their goals. Mike stated that they are Luciferians and so they follow what Satan tells them to do which is rape, murder, killing the unborn, and a mandate to keep their hands dirty or steeped in sin. They seek Christians who have Faith in God and Jesus Christ so as to dismantle our beliefs and they seek people who will believe that they are “god”. The deep state has said that the age of Christ is coming to an end, and this is the age of betrayal, and he can disclose this in the next conference they are having on the deep state. Mike stated they don’t want us loving one another, but following and idolizing a beast system. Mike stated that God does everything in honesty, but there are people who have a strong hold over others, and we have to do everything through Jesus Christ. Mike stated Bernie Sanders is an ultimate example of being a good person, but fooled that he is fighting for democracy, but actually promoting socialism. Mike stated that socialism is based on an honest society, and we don’t have enough honest people in our country to pull off socialism. Mike stated there is a top tier in the Elites or deep state that worship Satan, and then there are millions of people that work for this top tier in these organizations. Mike stated they have a marketing group that is not accountable to anybody, and they do things for these organizations and corporations that are actually running the white house. Mike stated there is a clear fight between President Trump and this group of people, and that they are trying to get people’s hearts involved so that they follow them more from a worshipping perspective.

Mike stated that these organizations take control of situations through our weaknesses, and this is what has happened with the George Floyd situation that the deep state has taken advantage of with people’s hearts. Pastor Paul asked about forced testing for Covid-19 coming. Mike stated, Yes, this is coming to all the major cities, because they are going to make it uncomfortable for people to have to make decisions on their jobs and this is all coming out in the next 10 days. Mike stated they can discuss it more next week, and it is really dealing with something they need to go more into discussion on it.

Emmanuel -“God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. Have a blessed day.

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