New Message to Luz De Maria, dated July 24, 2020 from St. Michael the Archangel and the Jesus Maria website. Also, St. Paul Tells us the duty of Us as Disciples is the Salvation of Souls. Also, Divine Mercy in Action Prayers for the Salvation of Souls.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are going to explain today that our Primary Duty for Our Lord as His followers is the Salvation of Souls. If this is not taught to us in our Churches, then many Christians do not understand that this is our obligation to God to Serve Him when we said “Yes” Lord, I believe You are the Son of the Living God Our Father in Heaven! We can’t just sit back and be nice to people and strive for holiness for just our own Salvation. This is a big part of it because we have to be Transformed into His image to be able to bring souls to Him, but this should be what the Holy Spirit is putting on all of our hearts as we progress in our Relationship with Jesus Christ Our Lord. If we keep studying Saint Paul, he clearly tells us this in the book of Romans, Chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13. He starts Romans Chapter 10:1 with “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God on their behalf is for salvation.” St. Paul tells us in this Chapter that he is trying to convert his brothers, the Israelites, as followers of Jesus Christ for their salvation. Then Romans 10:8-16, St. Paul says to “profess it with our mouths”, and one can’t be converted if we are not preaching it to others, and we are not being sent to profess it. For us Catholics, this is actually a sin of omission if we don’t proclaim that Jesus is Lord and the only way to Salvation when the Holy Spirit has put us in an opportunity to profess it to a poor sinner. (They are a poor sinner, or poor in Spirit because they don’t have Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which is all of us at one time or another in our lives.) This may be difficult for those that are shy, but you must pray for boldness to speak for Jesus when He sends you to speak to someone that needs salvation.

We are living in the time right now where the full number of the Gentiles are coming into Salvation and this will be when the Second Pentecost has come and the full number is complete. Romans 11:25-27, So, our Lord is still searching for hearts to come to him so that He call fulfill this Scripture for the Salvation of Israel. We are the Disciples that should be assisting Jesus of completing this full number of the Gentile’s Salvation. We should be trying to convert everyone to Christianity, but God’s promise is for all of Israel to be saved, Romans 11:26-27,

This is why St. Paul would speak to people for conversion to Christianity, Baptize them and inspire them to become Disciples to convert more sinners. This is our duty and obligation to Jesus because that is His desire and Divine Will for the Salvation of all Souls. This is what St. Paul explains to us as the Duties of Christians, in Romans Chapter 12:1-21, When we Surrender to Our Lord, we are offering ourselves as a living Sacrifice to be completely in His Divine Will. This means that we are allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in all of our actions in every moment of the day from prayer to acts of Mercy and Love for others. When we are performing acts of Mercy, at the same time we give Glory back to God, so that he gets the credit, not us. This is evangelizing someone, when you speak about God while you are doing your kind act. But, you have to “Profess with your mouth”, that Jesus Christ Our Lord teaches us to be kind and loving and merciful, because He is kind and loving and merciful. When you say these things with your kind acts to people, you are sewing the seed for Christ for the Salvation of Souls.

Lastly, Romans Chapter 13:8-14, We have to love one another and understand our time is short in assisting Jesus with the Salvation of Souls.

Next, we are going to post the latest message to Luz De Maria, dated July 24, 2020 from St. Michael the Archangel, St. Michael reminds us to have unshakeable Faith and to pray for the Salvation of others. St. Michael also said that those that are alone and emotional will have a difficult time because the devil takes advantage of our emotions, pushing us to fall away from Our Lord. We have said in this blog many times that as the labor pains get worse, the devil will push us by using the Elites to create more chaos, confusion in Our Church, fighting, rioting, war, famine, and stress to get us to conform to a one world system, that will falsely deceive us into believing is here to help everyone. So, this is what St. Michael is saying by praying for unshakeable Faith. We must pray for Our Blessed Mother to allow us to receive a portion of Her Faith, as St. Louis de Montfort tells us. This information is in a previous post in the blog, if you have not reviewed it yet.

Lastly, we are going to post the Divine Mercy website for us to review and add to our prayers for the Salvation of Souls, if you are not already doing that. We have listed this before, but it is so easy to get caught up in saying so many prayers that we just have to focus on the most important right now and that is the Salvation of Souls. So, the two most important prayers we can say right now are the most Holy Rosary, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Then, add all of the other prayers into those like the Consecration to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and whatever prayer Our Lord has put on your heart. It is difficult with so little time, but our desire to Love Jesus and Serve Him will be consumed by His Desire, as He infuses this into our Hearts, which is the Salvation of Souls.

I just finished answering an email question to the USA prayer group this morning and realized this is what the Holy Spirit wanted me to write about today. So, I apologize for the USA prayer group getting some of this same information twice.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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