Yoga, An Open Door to the Occult, by Sensus Fidelium. Also, Levels of Spiritual Warfare with Father Chad Ripperger, and How To Make a Good Confession.

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are continuing to study Spiritual Warfare and how to battle it within our modern societies and influences it has on the entire world. We have touched on this in the beginning of the blog, but as we continue to study more what Our Catholic Church teaches and what is in opposition to Christianity we have to talk about Yoga and the opening of ourselves to New Age Spiritualism. This has been a very divided battle amongst Catholics and Christians, but if you ask any exorcist Priest, he will tell you that Yoga is not what God wants us to do, even if it seems like it is a good thing because you feel healthy. This is opening yourselves up to a Hindu pagan practice that can lead you to the occult. Many Catholics would say, “well I practice it and I don’t feel any demonic oppression, and I am not doing it as part of a pagan ritual, but as part of getting healthy and to exercise.” These are the lies that the devil wants us to believe so that we continue to do it, and we continue to have that Spiritual Battle in our souls between what is from God and the Holy Spirit and what may not be from God and His Holy Spirit. If anything we interact with in our lives has to do with another pagan god, right away we have to know that it goes against God’s Word in Scripture and it is a sin.

This is what we have to understand as one of the reasons why God is allowing us to enter the Tribulation, which is because of an exorbitant amount of paganism, even in His Church. Of course, the Elites and their desire to control the world is another reason, but Satan has cleverly deceived us with believing that we can conduct a form of paganism, like Yoga, and make it good thing, like being healthy. This is what was prophesied to Isaiah. So, anything that is even associated with paganism should be putting a red flag up in our hearts from the Holy Spirit. If you are not getting this red flag, something is wrong and you should seek guidance from a Holy Priest or Pastor, that is also either an exorcist Priest or thinks like an exorcist Priest and understands the dangers conducting any foreign god practices, even for just exercise.

Here is Sensus Fidelium on Yoga, an Open Door to the Occult.

Next, we have posted this video before with Father Chad Ripperger on Levels of Spiritual Warfare, but we wanted to post it again, because it is so critical and relevant to the times we are living in right now, and we have to understand the battle to conquer the enemy that is gaining ground on many unknowing souls.

Notice, that Father Ripperger talks about the indirect Spiritual oppression that we are living in right now with modernism and the devil’s quest to conquer whole nations and governments through sin and how that indirectly affects us. As sin is spreading and growing all over the world, these indirect Spiritual oppression sins affect our thoughts and beliefs until “We” are tempted directly to sin. We see the behavior as normal because everyone is doing it and accepting it and God is merciful and loving and it must be okay, and if we don’t accept it, people make us believe we are intolerant. These are the affects of Spiritual deceit that we are living in and Father Ripperger does a wonderful job of explaining how we can all fall for this deception, especially if the indirect Spiritual oppression is drawn out over a period of time. There is so much information packed into this one video on Spiritual Warfare that is actually either wise to take notes as you listen to it, or listen to it several times to catch all of the information he has given us.

Lastly, here is Father Chad Ripperger explaining how to make a good confession with a Priest. This is a great reminder for those of us that have been trying to alleviate and make reparation for all of our sins, and it is also good for those of us that have not been to confession for many, many years, so that we return to a state of grace. Please don’t be afraid to go to confession and tell a Priest your sins, because remember that fear is not of God. So, if you are afraid to go to confession because of your sins, the devil is using that as an oppression against you. Because, as Father Ripperger explains, the devil does not want you to confess your sins so that he can continue to tempt you to more sins that could lead you to mortal sins. The more we pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal our sins to us through our examination of conscience, and the more we have a devotion of confession to alleviate venial sins, the more graces we receive to battle all temptations and this is part of the purgation stage in the 3 stages of Spiritual Life.

Here is Father Ripperger on How To Make a Good Confession.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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