Father Chad Ripperger’s Teaching on Judgement By Our Lord Jesus Christ at Death. Both the Particular Judgement and Final Judgement. Also, We Need to Update the Prayer Groups From the Different Countries and States.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are continuing to study and comprehend our Church teaching on Angels, demons, Spiritual Warfare and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is important for us to study because for one, we get a better understanding and comprehension of what our Church teaches, and two, it helps us to work on our Spiritual growth towards our Lord. This is ultimately our goal , because in the end, how we worked on becoming more holy is what advances us in Our Spiritual life, thus making us True Disciples to Serve Jesus and work within His Divine Will. Because we are working towards this goal, we are doing what the Prophets in this blog and Our Blessed Mother have told us to continue to become more Spiritual and less of the world, thus separating us as wheat instead of tares or chaff. As you can see the more we study, the more we realize we still have a long way to go to get out of the Purgative Stage of the Spiritual life explained by Father Quan in a previous post. This is difficult, but God is always giving us the graces to get up and keep striving to be the Child of God we were meant to be.

This next video by Father Chad Ripperger is very good as always with his instruction because he explains the two different types of Judgement at our death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mezyFIuoMMI.

There are two Final Judgements Our Church teaches. The first is the particular judgement of the individual soul at death and stands before God, who shows the soul all of his or her sins. The second is the general judgement at the end of the world, when Jesus returns and joins our physical bodies with our souls. This is the Catholic Church teaching of being “Caught Up” or Raptured that Father Ripperger says towards the end of the video. So, Our Church does believe and teach about the Rapture, but we don’t use that term because it has been associated with “Pre-Tribulation”. We know we will suffer and that might be what is happening to us now in what Father Michel terms as the mini-Tribulation, or otherwise called the times of distress, or labor pains. When Jesus told Mena Lee Grebin at about the 23 minute mark of her video that those who don’t teach about the Rapture will not be Raptured, or “Caught Up”. She is stating that Jesus is telling her that those that teach or preach against what His Word says in the Holy Bible will not be taken up. So, Our Catholic Church does teach this, we just say this is at the end of the World and Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. What I have noticed about the differences of interpretation on this subject is that Protestants have 3 different beliefs of pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, and post tribulation of the Rapture, or “Catching Away.” Mena understands from her interpretation of Scripture that we will suffer before God’s Wrath, as His Church because of the sins we have committed against Him. Thus, this is why Jesus is speaking to His Church with the Seven Letters to the Churches in the Book of Revelation, Chapters 1-3. https://www.biblestudytools.com/passage/?q=revelation+1;+revelation+2;+revelation+3

God judges His Church first and allows us to suffer through persecution, earthquakes, plagues and pestilence that we are experiencing now, but the full sufferings will be from God’s Wrath and Mena does believe God’s Children, who are true to His Word and fulfill His Word through our actions will be Raptured before His Wrath. So, we are in agreement Scripturally in the fact that God’s Word does say we will be “caught up” in 1 Thessalonians, 4:17, Luke 17:34-37, and 1 Corinthians 15:52. The disagreement we have between Protestants and Catholics is whether we are at the end of the “World”, or the end of this “Era of time”. Just like Father Adam Skwarczynski explained about his vision from Jesus with the Parousia (Second Coming of Our Lord) being in two stages, we have to pray for more of the Truth of what Our Lord wants us to understand and give us guidance from the Holy Spirit. What we do know are that events are unfolding before our eyes that are lining up with Scripture, Prophecies from Our Blessed Mother being fulfilled, and current prophecy being fulfilled, and we have to stop judging anyone that is trying to give us a Prophetic message from God. Will there be false prophets? Yes, God tells us this in His Word, but we must look at a prophet’s fruits and if they are pointing us to Jesus Christ or away from Jesus Christ and are they trying to live a holy life for Jesus.

When Father Ripperger is explaining at our particular judgement, he stated that we will be shown by God, every particular sin we have committed and omitted with a clarity that we don’t have in this life. So, we have to imagine standing before Our Lord with every sinful thought, deed, word, action, and inaction, which will be all of the sins of commission and omission. The last act of Divine Mercy that God will allow during the Illumination of Conscience will be similar to this judgement, but God will allow us to return to our bodies to go to confession to seek forgiveness because we will have a profound sense of shame. We will all experience this with Our Lord, so even if we are trying to alleviate all sin from our lives right now, we still don’t have the clarity that Our Lord will allow us to receive at the Warning. This is why it is so important to do a general confession before the Warning so that we can clean up our soul as much as possible.

This is also what Mena was stressing about in her video on the importance of our fruit that we produce for Jesus and Father Ripperger also spoke about our actions or “works” and what we have done for Jesus in His Divine Will. If we are not producing fruit for Jesus and the Heavenly Kingdom, We are not in His Divine Will. So, our actions or works and the fruit we produce for the Kingdom of God is what helps weigh in our favor against our sins. At our particular judgement, it does not remove mortal sins, like Father Ripperger explained, but it weighs in our favor on the judgment scales in front of the Just Judge and the celestial tribunal of God.

In the General judgement, Jesus will return and we all will be judged on the effects of our sins on others, and how that effect caused a greater good or a greater evil. This will be when our bodies join our souls. So, Father Ripperger explains that even if a soul is in hell, it still comes back to be joined with it’s body at the general or final judgement. We see all of our sins to the full extent of our interior life and the effects of those sins throughout history. Our secret thoughts and actions will be laid bare for all to see and those effects. (Wow!) Those who suffer the bad effects have a right to know where their suffering came from and they will see your sins and how your sins affected them. We will see how those sinful acts we had throughout history and how those acts even affected the history of mankind. We will be standing in front of billions of people and saints and every infraction of sin we had and how they affected everything God created throughout history.

So, Father Ripperger explains that at the final judgement, we will see Our Lord in the clouds and sit in the valley of Josephat on the day of Wrath, everyone will be resurrected, and there will be a trumpet blast that will notify everyone that is a call to come to the place of judgement. There will be a vindication from Our Lord on the evil left on the Earth after we are resurrected.

Wow, this why it is good to keep examining our Conscience with the help of the Holy Spirit and Our Guardian Angels and keep confessing our sins before the Warning because this is truly a Mercy God is allowing to rid all of our sins.

Lastly, we would like to ask again of anyone that would like join a prayer group with just their first name, city and state they live in, and email that we can group together. This is for those that don’t have anyone else to pray with or just does not want to be alone, as we enter more into the birth pangs and time of distress. Mary from Ohio asked yesterday in the comments if there was anyone that would like to communicate through email because she is alone. If you are interested, please send me this information through the “Contact” page so that we can add you to a prayer group and I will send this prayer group out to those in a particular city, or country.

Emmanuel -“God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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