Breaking down Father Adam Skwarczynski’s explanation of the Warning and 2 Stages of the Parousia. Is it Really Heretical or More of what God has revealed to His Prophets? Also, Keeping The Faith In Desperate Times, By Father Altman and Complicit Clergy.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have decided to explain what Father Adam Skwarczynski’s vision is of the Warning and what Jesus Our Lord showed him as 2 stages of the Parousia, or the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been praying to Jesus on how to explain what Father Adam is describing so there is not a rejection of what God revealed to him as heresy. Here is Father Adam’s video on his vision from Jesus of what is getting ready to take place very soon in the Warning. Then, at some point of time after, Jesus will usher in the Era of Peace, and The New World.

What Father Adam is explaining in his vision is what he believes Jesus showed him as the Parousia in 2 stages with a period of time in between the Warning, and the Final Second Coming of Our Lord on Judgment Day as the End of the World. Most Catholics would say this is heretical because St. Augustine, who is a Doctor of the Church from the 4th Century, established that there is no millennialism or literal 1000 year reign, only a metaphorical period of time and Jesus does not return until the end. But, what Father Adam is explaining is not an actual end to the World, or the final Coming of Our Lord that occurs at Judgement. Father Adam is explaining a Spiritual Coming of the Lord that we will have interiorly at the Warning.

The reason why St. Augustine felt compelled to change the literal interpretation of the 1000 years in the first place was because there were Christians in the 4th Century that lived in a perpetual state of over awareness that Jesus could return at any moment, because of the wars, chaos and civil unrest that they lived in at that time. Other than the millennial explanation from St. Augustine, there is no official teaching on the Book of Revelation, besides the many Scriptures listed here. St. Augustine was also concerned that if Christians believed in a literal period of time and “Heaven on Earth” in the physical sense of 1000 years, instead of the Spiritual, then we would all fall to the belief we could live more of a pagan lifestyle instead of a Spiritual life with God.


So, there are many things that influenced St. Augustine’s reflection of Revelation, Chapter 20, and what is now Our Church teaching on the Book of Revelation. Our Church over time began to steer away from Apocalyptic visions and prophetic messages because we have focused on all of the Book of Revelation from a Spiritual or Metaphorical perspective instead of both it being Spiritual and Literal. The beautiful thing about Scripture is that we receive discernment from the Holy Spirit that is all Spiritual, Metaphorical and Literal. This is why we have the Holy Spirit guiding us for discernment on every word and translation from Greek to English and what each chapter is revealing in whole contexts. This is also why the Holy Spirit can guide us to see Scriptural passages from many different perspectives every time we read God’s Word. God reveals what He wants, when He wants in His perfect timing. All of Our Church Doctors are correct, but it does not mean there is not more to be revealed at a later time by Our Lord. This is also why God chooses prophets to help reveal what God is telling us in a specific period of time throughout history and the present time. God never changes, but our actions of sin and abandoning Him can prompt Him to make changes in what may have been originally predestined by God as a longer period of this era of time. This is probably why Our Blessed Mother kept saying in her warnings over the centuries that if we did not repent and stop sinning, the Chastisement would come. We did this to ourselves because we did not take heed to Our Blessed Mother’s warnings and we did not obey God’s Laws and Commandments.

In addition, Father Adam stated that he had his vision confirmed by Pope John Paul II in his description of the Third Secret of Fatima in 1980 in Fulda, Germany. Saint John Paull II also had many visions and understanding about the significance of Saint Faustina and the Divine Mercy, the prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother of Fatima, Portugal and Garabandal, Spain.

About the 7th paragraph down in the article above, Saint John Paul II even stated that we were getting ready to enter the Tribulation, and there was no possible way to avert it anymore, only mitigate it. So, we have had many, many, confirmations from the Holy Spirit that we are entering the Tribulation in the Book of Revelation through prophecy from Saints, Mystics, Our Blessed Mother, Our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father, Priests that are alive today and modern day Prophets. Why aren’t more people listening? Because it is a fear that we are going against our Church.

Because we are witnessing the signs that Jesus told us to look for in Scripture that are occurring right now. Because, there are prophetic messages being fulfilled right now from both Our Blessed Mother and Prophets today. Because, we now see many bad Priests, Cardinals, and Bishops pushing an agenda to go against God’s Word in Scripture and accept modern ideologies of what “sin” is. Because we are seeing the breakdown of whole Governments and Societies right now. Because we all know Spiritually, that something is wrong in the world. We need to wake up and start realizing that God is trying to tell us something and we are not going against His Church. In fact, in Revelation 22:6-7, The angels said to St. John, “And he said to me, ‘These words are trustworthy and true, and the Lord, the God of prophetic spirits, sent his angel to show his servants what must happen soon.” “Behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the prophetic message of this book.”

So, what did Father Adam basically say in the description of his vision from Jesus Our Lord? He said the Parousia, or the Second Coming of Our Lord will be in 2 stages. The first stage begins with the Warning, and he did like Vassula Ryden’s explanation of the Warning. This is probably why the Holy Spirit directed us to her description of her own Illumination of Conscience that she received of her sins and how she felt ashamed. Father Adam stated that he saw 2 categories of people after the Warning. Those of us that will be joyful because of our time with Jesus Spiritually, but will still need to do Penance to eradicate the sin once our illumination of conscience is complete, and then there will be those that will still be vulnerable to fall away from God because they had no Relationship with God and the devil will tell them it really did not happen. (These will be the ones that we will assist Jesus in trying to save and convert to Christianity after the Warning.) Next, Father Adam believed the Miracle will occur within a year after the Warning and this will be at Garabandal, Spain. But, it is also believed that this Miracle will occur at many other Apparition Sites all over the World. This Miracle will also assist in saving souls. (Father Adam did not go into any mention of Refuges, but we have discerned from the Holy Spirit from other Prophets such as Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary that all of the Apparition Sites of Our Blessed Mother will be Refuges. Many miracle healings will take place and many more conversions.) This will also be a time of chaos of cataclysmic weather, asteroids, earthquakes, war and a persecution of the Church, which means all Christians. Then, Father Adam stated the 3 Days of Darkness will come with the Chastisement.

Then Father Adam explains, there will be a period of time between the Persecution of the Church, and the Chastisement with the 3 Days of Darkness before the Era of peace and his vision of the New World. So, there is a second stage of the Parousia that is still unknown as far as time goes in Father Adam’s vision of the final judgement of Jesus and the Era of Peace. This vision from Father Adam is still within the Church teaching. Is it a literal 1000 year period of time, or just a metaphorical period of time? Only God knows, but this is why it is stressed through the prophets that God is only ending this era of time of evil, just like he did with Noah, but there will be a larger Remnant of His Faithful left to usher in this New World that Father Adam saw in his vision.

Lastly, here is another video from Complicit Clergy of a homily given by Father Altman on “Keeping the Faith in Desperate Times”.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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