Update! New Interview on the Coming Apocalypse Show, with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, dated July 16, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have just finished listening to last night’s show with Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley. Mike was not on last week with Pastor Paul Begley because they have just concluded a webinar on Aliens, A.I., and the antichrist. We have not been guided by the Holy Spirit to sign up for this webinar, but one of the people that assists with this blog has and if there is any important information that needs to be passed along regarding this, we will post it in the blog. What’s important to know about these times is that we don’t want to focus too much on the craziness of the times, but focus primarily on Jesus Christ our Lord and preparing Spiritually. We have provided all of the information in this blog that points us to the end times in Scripture and Prophetic messages, and current world events. But, if we focus too much on things that don’t really matter, we are taking our eyes off of Jesus, because our Salvation is what matter the most, and how we Serve Jesus Christ, while He gives us the ability to Serve Him. So, we have posted what we believe the Holy Spirit wants us to know about how the Elites are using technology against us, and how Our Blessed Mother has warned us that they will say there are aliens, but that they will actually be demons in previous posts. But, we only need to know enough about it so that we are not deceived in these times. However, if there is something important that comes out of the webinar that the Holy Spirit has guided us to, we will post it in this blog. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3reFZbYNC6U.

Mike From Around the World did get on the show with Pastor Paul Begley last night and here is what they had to discuss. Pastor Paul started the show with speaking about asteroids coming close to the Earth by September 1, 2020 and asked Mike if this is a soft disclosure about the cloud of debris that is coming. Mike stated that all large objects that come close to the Earth will have other smaller particles of debris traveling with it. Mike believes we will have some aerial bursts coming in soon in the next two weeks, and most likely even before September 1, 2020. Mike stated that NASA is heavily tracking all objects that are coming close to the Earth and know that we are in this debris cloud. Pastor Paul asked if they know what parts of the Earth this debris is going to hit. Mike stated that they can track these items most of the time within 2 hours of knowing where it is going to hit, but sometimes they are coming in so fast, that there will be some that get by before they know where and when it is going to hit. Mike stated that this inbound of debris coming is the first of it’s kind and we have never had to deal with a debris cloud so big and so wide, that this is all new territory for us.

Pastor Paul and Mike also discussed space weapons being upgraded from different countries and the United States. Mike stated the introduction of the Space Force was a very gentle way of showing us how things are ramping up for defense in case of a war. Mike stated that the weapon’s platforms are very real and they will be used for not only war, but also for possible indigenous reasons. Mike stated for reasons other than just war. Pastor Paul asked if it was also to stop incoming debris, and Mike stated, “Yes”. Mike stated that we are in a Spiritual battle, but this battle is actually becoming tangible, and we have to believe that we are going to be protected by Our Lord, no matter what happens. Mike stated that people really don’t have a clear understanding of the geological impact that we are going to have on the Earth, and we have to put our Faith and Trust in the Lord. Mike asked, “How do you find a safe place on the Earth when these geological transformations take place?” (Note, Pastor Paul and Mike may not be following Prophetic Messages about Refuges like we are in this blog.) Mike stated that past historical data reflects that the Earth has been through “violent” geological changes and they have actually discovered indigenous people that were frozen and in tact in certain parts of the Earth. Some, on top of mountains, others, at Sea levels thousands of years ago. Mike stated these discoveries have been swept under the carpet, and we don’t know any different because of what has been hidden in these discoveries.

Mike stated that the manifestations of things to come will be too overwhelming for some people. Pastor Paul asked if “secret groups” have the ability to poison people without their knowledge. Mike stated “Yes”, there is technology out there that has the ability to change your chemical make up, and cause kidney’s to fail or vital organs, etc.. Pastor Paul asked if it was possible that the deep state can use this technology against certain groups of people, like Christians. Mike stated, “Yes”, this is possible, but we have to be rooted in Jesus Christ and not be concerned about what is going to happen. Mike stated he believes the assault against Christians has already begun, but we have to operate by Faith, because that is what separates us from the rest of the world. Pastor Paul reminds us that we have the ability to discern from the Holy Spirit, and asked if he could encounter someone with the deep state that could kill us without us being able to discern right away what was happening? Mike stated “Yes”, this is possible, and even the military have weapons that use sound wave technology that can produce microwave heat that can disperse crowds for crowd control. Mike stated that he does believe these things will happen, but we have to walk Spiritually with Christ to not even allow these types of thoughts to bother us. (Note, we have to have Faith that Our Lord will protect us, and we should not be concerned about how we are going home to Jesus in the end.)

Pastor Paul asked about 3 to 4 space ships that are circling the Earth and if they have the capacity to hold people. Mike stated “Yes”, and they are testing these things right now, but that this has been going on for a long time. Mike stated that what is presented to the public is actually about 500 years behind what is actually being done behind the scenes. Pastor Paul stated that because of technology, we can see things that are not always presented to the public. Pastor Paul broke in and stated there was a 7.3 Earth quake in Papua New Guinea while they were speaking just then. Pastor Paul apologized for asking certain questions that are too pushy of what Mike is allowed to discuss. Mike stated that if it is so bad that it affects Christians, he is going to release it. Pastor Paul stated that he believes he has already been targeted by the health problems he has experienced lately and he is having it investigated. Pastor Paul believes this is for reporting what he does to help people, and he appreciated Mike disclosing as much as he does to help us understand what is happening behind the scenes.

Pastor Paul asked about his show titled today, “Bracing For Impact” and the implications of what is coming because of this debris cloud, and Mike stated, “Yes”, it could come before September 1, 2020. Mike stated that tomorrow is not promised to us and we have to be ready to meet Our Lord at any time. (Note, this is why we are trying to Prepare all followers in this blog Spiritually with Our Lord as much as possible.) Mike stated that Our Lord has given us a lot of years to be prepared, and he hopes that people have been sincere with their Salvation. Mike stated that he would be on again next Thursday night.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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