Dr. Taylor Marshall, “There is a War on Christianity!” Tweeted President Donald J. Trump.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. The President of the United States is very well aware of what is going on not only with the United States of America, but with the entire World and the push for globalism, but he can only say so much through his tweets. There is a war on Christianity and it is coming from the Freemasons and Illuminatti (Elites) infiltration in our Churches, Governments and Societies. This same infiltration of Luciferians are the same Beasts that will lead us into a One World Government, Religion and Currency that is described in the Book of Revelation. This has been explained throughout this blog and is based on the prophetic messages our Blessed Mother has given us through Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of LaSalette, Our Lady of Fatima, and Our Lady of Akita. These messages from Our Blessed Mother have also been supported by the Saints and Mystics of the Church, current modern day prophets and their prophecies, and all of these messages are being supported by Biblical Scripture.

Dr. Taylor Marshall has done a wonderful job of connecting the dots of this infiltration in the Catholic Church, but he has to finish the rest of the connection throughout the Governments and Societies in our entire world and in Scripture. This is why President Donald Trump made this tweet, because he is very well aware of this infiltration to bring down Christianity as a whole, not just one specific denomination. This infiltration is what Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is also aware of and why he sent a letter to President Trump. This is also why we are in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24, and going quickly now into the beginning of the Tribulation that is explained by Prophets Father Michel Rodrigue, John Leary, Luz De Maria, and many others. If you have not seen this by now, it is because your Spiritual Eyes have not been opened because you are afraid to pray and ask God to reveal the Truth. This blog has not been put together to put fear into your hearts, but to bring all Christians together to understand that WE MUST SERVE JESUS NOW! Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall’s show, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U_A41Rbqujw&t=2121s.

We are quickly running out of time now, but as Dr. Taylor Marshall explained, it has taken close to 200 years of a slowly boiling pot of water that is now beginning to boil over. The sin and corruption has infiltrated all Churches, Governments and Societies and I believe Dr. Taylor Marshall has an inclination that we are in the end times, but he doesn’t want to say it because it is too big of a leap for most Catholics to admit that the Chastisements and Purification that Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about and was referring to, is also relative to the Book of Revelation and the end of an Era of evil, not the end of the World. If the Holy Spirit had not showed it to me, Our Spiritual Director, and others that assist with this blog, we would not have believed it either. However, this is where we are and we have little time left to come together to bring Souls back to Jesus before the Tribulation begins.

God’s Saving Grace in all of this is His Divine Mercy that will come through the Illumination of Conscience or Warning that may be here as early as this Fall. Saint Faustina Kowalska and Saint John Paul II were both aware of the importance of this event that is also explained in this blog. This will be the Second Pentecost that Father Michel Rodrigue has explained so well that will fill us with the Holy Spirit to Serve Jesus as His Disciples. If you are not familiar with Father Michel, please review his videos on Queen of Peace Media. Countdown to The Kingdom is on the right track of where we are heading, but it appears that they believe we have more time before the Warning. With everything the Prophets are saying now, it does not appear to us in this blog that we have very much time, and may have as little as 3 months before the Warning. If God does give us a little more time after this Fall, it will be here in the next 7 months. It appears that Jesus is weighing all of this on how many lives will be lost in the next few months, because the more people that die before the Warning, the more souls will be lost forever. Also, God is going to protect His Children, as Psalm 91 describes so well in the Bible, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+91&version=niv.

Here is the OANN interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall that President Trump saw and tweeted on, https://www.oann.com/author-there-is-a-war-on-christianity/.

Thanks to President Trump, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, and Dr. Taylor Marshall for speaking the Truth.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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