Update, New Interview with Mike From Around the World with Pastor Paul Begley on his show, The Coming Apocalypse! Mike speaks about the “Second Sun” in the binary system that is coming!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have already posted a very heavy and sad message this morning from Prophet John Leary about the coming schism in Our Church. However, we wanted to get out any updates from Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the incoming cloud of debris, so that we could be further prepared for Meteorites causing fires all over the Earth this Fall or sooner. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PfarwW019Kg.

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike started the show by talking about a red dust containing small particles of iron that continues to fall from the skies. Mike stated that they are starting to discover this dust both in Africa and in the United States. Mike stated that the dust in Africa does have iron in it and there has been an increase of this iron also in Russia. Mike stated that he believes our Magnetosphere is attracting this iron laced dust and distributing these particles from space. Mike stated goethite in this dust particles could also absorb radiation, which is a problem and that Planet Earth picks up dust all of the time from space. This goethite absorbs solar radiation very well and if you have an increase in the Sahara desert dust in the dust storms, then you can measure how much is coming in from space. Pastor Paul brought up a fireball or Meteorite that went over Japan recently. Mike stated it was a Meteorite and we need to get used to it because it will increase. Mike stated that he is beginning to sound like a broken record, but that this will happen because the Earth is changing, and this binary system is the cause of the changes in Our Earth right now. (Maria De Luz just said this in her message from Our Blessed Mother we posted this morning).

Mike stated that we will start to get these Meteorites hitting the Earth of about 5 to 6 per week, then 5 to 6 per day, then eventually 5 to 6 per hour, and we will not know where they are going to hit on the Earth. We will build up to this point of fires everywhere, and the Sun also has properties changing that will affect our Earth. Mike stated that the 11 year cycle of the Solar Minimum that we are in right now is being affected by external forces in space. Mike stated that this has always been the case with the cycles of Solar Minimum. Mike also stated that most Suns have a binary twin in space and the Scientists are starting to discover that more and more every year. Mike stated that there are so many things that line up with binary systems, and what we are experiencing now is being caused by an approach of the opposite Sun of our Sun. Pastor Paul asked Mike that when this binary system comes by our Sun, will it affect our Planets? Mike stated, Yes, it will affect the photons in our Sun and as it passes by our Sun, it will suck all of the other photons to it and cause our Sun to go dark possibly for weeks. (3 days of darkness?)

Mike stated this will affect all of the planets and their orbits in our solar system. Mike also stated this twin star will speed up the closer it gets to our Sun and doubles in speed, and as it gets around our Sun, it will be kicked back out into space. Mike stated that as this cold sun in this twin system gets closer, it will turn blue from the heat it is absorbing. It will appear dark to us from the Earth, and that we will probably see some “new star” in the sky that will begin to get brighter and once we see it get blue, it will sound like a constant rocket going off in the sky for several days. The light and transfer of gases will be extreme and that we will see the chemical exchange and what will look like a “light show” in the sky. There will be exchanges between the planets and the Suns and once we see that new star in the sky, the count down gets faster and faster. (Note, “Second Sun” spoken of by Our Blessed Mother to Gianna Sullivan about once we see the Second Sun, natural disaster weather events will get severe. This was also told to John Leary from Our Lord Jesus Christ that we posted two days ago.)

Mike stated the numbers of Meteorites are increasing and he will try to get some new data for next week. Mike also stated that the debris cloud will hit before the binary system gets to us and that is always the rule in space. It is two large systems coming in close proximity to one another, and that the Suns will be far apart, but this process will speed up every single day. The heat will be unbearable and begin to scorch everything on the Earth. The light and transfer of gases will be extreme, the deep impacts will be extreme, and the time is coming very quickly. Mike stated the debris cloud could hit 3 to 5 years before the Second Sun or brown dwarf star gets close to our Planet. Mike asked if we could imagine a trailing planet of this mini solar system coming into our system and actually hitting something in our solar system. (Note, also Prophesied By Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophecies from Our Blessed Mother about something hitting Uranus and Mars). Mike stated that just from the debris in this other binary system, it will cause much devastation even before it gets into our orbit.

Mike stated he believed the Blood Moon over Israel was a warning for something God has planned. Mike stated that if you just went back and traced all of the Blood Moons, in history, you would see a change in the environments and social changes. Mike stated that as America is tying up within ourselves, the alliances of evil will attack. Mike stated that Iran has joined forces with other countries such as Turkey and Russia and formed an unholy alliance and plan of attack. Mike believes they will have the resources of over a 6 million-man army, and everything is computerized. If these other countries lead in technology, this will not be an easy war, and we will be forced to use missiles that we said we would never use. Pastor Paul also discussed issues with China and the current takeover of Hong Kong, and that the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is inviting all Hong Kong citizens into their country. Mike stated that he believed the unholy alliance will turn against Saudi Arabia and attack them when the time comes. Mike also said the alliances with the United Nations are false and their corruption is big. Pastor Paul believes we are getting ready to see Biblical Prophecy in Ezekiel, Chapter 38 and the battle between Gog and Magog fulfilled. Mike believes if Israel is struck in a war, America will be struck at the same time, so that we will not be able to defend Israel. Mike stated that America is considered the “big guy” when it comes to World War, and we are too locked into ourselves right now. Mike stated we are tied up in our own small battles of politics and civil unrest, and it is wearing our leadership down. Mike also stated that we can handle any war, but we will most likely have a high casualty count because we will be caught off guard. Mike also stated that Russia has set up another air defense and has a very high superiority of air force capabilities.

Pastor Paul asked about Covid-19 and what Mike believes is going on in the numbers. Mike stated that the more people that get the virus the better, but we don’t want the death rate to go up. Pastor Paul believes the testing is showing that we are spreading it, but the hospitalizations are not going up in severe cases. Pastor Paul asked what the military is doing, and Mike stated that the whole deal of this type of Pandemic is a personal responsibility that we all have to have to keep from spreading it and that the Military will be tested. However, the media blew it up like it was like Ebola, that it is a very deadly virus similar to Ebola and it is not that deadly. Mike still believes that people should get the vaccine or we will be dealing with it for years to come. (Note, however, all of us that are contributing to the writing of this blog are still staying away from the vaccine for now, because of what the Prophets are saying from Our Lord Jesus Christ.)

As much as we love and appreciate Pastor Paul and Mike From Around the World and their knowledge of current world events and Biblical Prophecy, we in this blog are still listening to what the Prophets are saying about the vaccines for Covid-19 at this time that will be presented this Fall. The Holy Spirit has guided us to this information and with all appearances from the show today, has confirmed through Mike From Around the World, what Our Blessed Mother has been saying about the “Second Sun”. We have no reason to believe that the information the Holy Spirit has guided us from John Leary and other Prophets in this blog about the danger of receiving COVID-19 vaccinations would be inaccurate. So, let’s pray for all of our fellow Christians that they will start to discern what the current modern day prophets are saying and God will start to speak through more prophets on what the vaccinations will contain very soon, so that we will all be safe. We still believe if the Warning is coming this Fall, all Christians will experience the Second Pentecost and be informed by Jesus Christ Our Lord, and the Holy Spirit will guide all of God’s Children to all the current dangers the enemy is trying to control through the Elites.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You.

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