New Videos From Dr. Taylor Marshall and U.S. Grace Force on standing up for Jesus and our Faith and defending our Statues and Churches!

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. We wanted to put out these two videos on different Lay Catholics and Priests talking about standing up for Jesus and defending our Saint Statues, and Churches when a mob has decided to desecrate them. We are beginning to see more and more chaos of rioting that involves desecrating our Churches and Statues because of the evil that is spreading. The questions are starting to rise up of who will step in and defend Our Church and how do we bring in Our Blessed Mother through the Holy Rosary to intercede for us to Jesus Christ Our Lord. We believe it is great that people are finally starting to talk about the Communist and Freemason Infiltration, but there is still not a full discernment for most Catholics that we are in the end times and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother is at the door along with the Warning or Illumination of Conscience! However, it is great to know there is an understanding of infiltration of Communism in our Countries and Freemasons in the Vatican that are starting to push our societies over the edge, and to the point of no return. Here is a video from Dr. Taylor Marshall on his show of a recent remark made from someone that said to tear down all European looking statues and images of Jesus! Again, these are lies from the devil to people to get them to destroy and desecrate Our Lord. Destroying an image of Jesus is never justified because you don’t believe His appearance of nationality or race is not like yours.

Our response to this should not be anger, because that is what the devil wants, but to respond like the Saints did and defend Our Lord. The next video is from Father Richard Heilman and Doug Barry with U.S. Grace Force and an interview conducted with Michael Hichborn. Michael does know about Bella Dodd and the infiltration of the Communist party in Our Catholic Church that we have discussed at the beginning of the blog. So, it is great that this information is being spread so that Spiritual eyes will be opened. Michael even speaks about the Elites and them fanning their flames of revolution waiting for it to happen. Michael believes this revolt is a catalyst point to use as a fulcrum to destabilize the Constitution and Defunding the police, and this infiltration and agitation is used to destabilize an area to further their agenda. However, Michael did not sound like he believed this was going to lead to the end times and fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, but that this revolution will eventually die out.

Let us keep praying for Spiritual Eyes to be Opened and continue to ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and how we can Serve Jesus and be obedient to His Will. These are both great videos and we are happy to see that lay people are talking!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You.

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