Fireballs Continue to Descend From the Heavens All Over the World! Also, Elly Hancsak and her videos and dreams on fire from the Heavens and the 3rd Fatima Secret!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We continue to anticipate what is coming from the waves of energy and clouds of debris that both continue to rain down on our planet Earth. We have been listening to Mike From Around The World and Pastor Paul Begley on the show, The Coming Apocalypse. Mike has been giving us updates on both of these separate, but most likely linked, space phenomena of waves of energy with radiation that are affecting our magnetosphere and the Earth’s core, and a suspected million mile wide cloud of debris in space that our planet is appearing to go through at this time. It is believed that both of these events are linked to a binary system that is moving into our solar system that many have called Planet X, or Hercolubus, but what we suspect to be TRAPPIST-1, that is a mini solar system supposedly lightyears away. Since we started this blog in August, 2019, we knew Our Lord wanted to get all of His Children ready for what is coming both Spiritually and Physically, but also to assist in the Salvation of Souls.

As we have prayed to the Holy Spirit for Truth, He has shown us many Prophets that are revealing to us what God wants us to know, but also why God is returning so soon to save His Children and His Planet. Because God is infinite and multi-dimensional, it should be to no surprise that His plan to renew the Heaven and Earth is also multi-dimensional. Of course, this started with the world’s departure from His Covenant and the world growing in sin, but what is hard for people to see is when God removed His hand of protection, the devil moved in and corrupted the minds of men, that are being deceived by Satan. This includes secret societies on the most highest levels of Freemasonry, and the Wealthiest of the Elites that meet in places such as the Bilderberg meetings in Montreux, Switzerland. Why do people believe they have the right to play God is beyond our comprehension, but of course a One World Religion will not involve Jesus Christ, who is the Son of the only Living God. But because we have the Holy Spirit guiding us, this is what He has shown us of where we are today and why so many of His Children are being shown the same information. So, we have both the Elites trying to control and depopulate the World and moving us into a one World Government, Religion and Currency, and at the same time, we have this binary system moving into our solar system that wreaks havoc on the Earth every 3,600 to 4,200 years. However this time around, God is going to use it to come between the Earth and our Sun to wreak even more havoc that will ultimately renew Heaven and Earth, instead of it’s normal elliptical path around the outside of the Sun. This is not something we knew back in August 2019, but have followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by taking this information from the Prophets in this blog, such as Pedro Regis, Gianna Sullivan, and Our Blessed Mother and comparing it to the events unfolding in front of our eyes. This is what we feel the Holy Spirit has shown us, but we are not prophets. We are simply God’s Children searching for the Truth and asking Jesus how we can Serve Him to bring Souls back to Him.

We have also been listening to Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World because they are Christian and also are searching for the Truth of this binary system. Mike has been speaking on incoming waves of energy that continue to affect Earth and our Sun and also most recently, a million mile wide debris cloud that we have entered that continue to bring different sizes of rocks on fire that are beginning to hit the Earth. If you have been following this blog consistently, you will notice that we listen to Pastor Paul Begley’s show weekly to stay up to date on this debris cloud and this binary system. Last week, Mike spoke about how these meteors of arsenic and metal will continue to hit our atmosphere and instead of being burned up, will eventually start hitting the Earth causing many fires everywhere. Here is a video by Skywatch Media News, who has also been following the phenomena in space that has been occurring for several years now. Although, the person that creates Skywatch Media News may be secular, he still is very good at following scientific data available and current events. In this video, it is evident that more fireballs, asteroids, and meteors are coming closer to Earth. It also supports the most recent messages to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother we posted yesterday.

Next, we are going to post some videos by Elly Hancsak with Prolife for Mankind that also mention fireballs falling from the sky and how she also believes this has something to do with second part of the 3rd Fatima Secret, which is what we also believe. Notice, how Elly points out that the 3rd Secret of Fatima from Sister Lucia’s description has to do with the Book of Revelation, Chapters 8 through 13. Chapters 8 and 9 deal with items falling from heaven and hitting the Earth, which also includes a star. See these chapters listed here, Remember, that in the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917 in front of 70,000 witnesses, it appeared to them that the Sun was falling directly on top of them and they fell cowering to the ground, then the Sun went back to it’s normal position.

Next, is a video by Elly from 2014 that details a dream she had in May 2013 on a Tsunami that hit a coastal city and wiped out most of the city. She could not identify what city was in her dream, but she posted a video with Rick Joyner and a few other modern day prophets on similar dreams and visions they received from Our Lord on coastal cities being wiped out by waves of water. The post that we did on the tidal waves and Tsunami waves wiping coastal cities in this blog is titled, “Purification with Water”. Here is Elly’s video, It is important to see that even then in 2014, Rick Joyner was speaking about it being the time of the Harvest and Psalm 91. The second part of Elly’s video, she posted about a child having a dream that described a large man falling out of the sky and became a ball of fire as he hit the Earth. This man appeared as “evil” and dressed in warrior type armor. The child stated that the sky was orange or amber color, and as soon as the fire ball hit the ground, fear covered the entire Earth. In this dream from this child, it sounded like to us in this blog, that the family ended up meeting at one home or place of refuge, because they all were prepared with emergency food buckets. Please review the post we have in this blog on preparing your home as an Interim Refuge.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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