Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the show, The Coming Apocalypse from June 11, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We have reviewed another show and interview with Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley. Here is what they spoke about on June 11, 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx9LH0yQ1ng. Pastor Paul and Mike spoke about the Waves of Energy that keep pummeling the earth one after another from space. Mike spoke about the high speed radiation that both the Earth and Our Sun keep absorbing. Mike stated that these waves of Energy are not only affecting both Our Sun and Our Earth, but also these thousands of Satellites that are in our orbit. Mike is concerned about the substance that is in these Satellites that is iridium that he has spoken about before on previous shows and that it is radioactive material that can cause serious damage to anyone that gets near it.

Pastor Paul asked about the looming war between countries that keeps rearing its ugly head and if it was something we should be concerned about. Mike stated that we definitely have a serious problem with all countries wanting to strike the United States when we are in a vulnerable position and that we are also currently in right now. Mike is concerned about the rebellious nature our country is in because of the ideologies that we are starting to develop that is causing a division. We are weakening our country by generating more division and we are dealing with an internal struggle of all people in uniform. Mike stated that there is not really an understanding between the parties that are protesting and those in positions to make changes and it is not something that can be resolved in a few days. Mike also stated that this type of change is coming at the wrong time that reflects more of our weakness as a country than as a strength for change. Pastor Paul and Mike talked about the Deep State and their agenda to coordinate efforts to make it look like our country is falling apart. Mike also stated that if you don’t act quickly on de-escalating these types of scenarios, then no matter what you do to try and fix something, you are going to look like the bad guy, because you are not giving into unreasonable demands that these ideologies are becoming. Mike stated that someone is going to have to take the fall to fix this situation before it gets more out of control. Mike stated that We Christians need to try and intercede in a good and loving way with prayer.

Pastor Paul asked Mike about the Waves of Energy and if we know anything more about the debris clouds that are coming and what is in them. Mike stated that this debris will have clumps of solid particles with a meteor storm of rock, iron, and arsenic. We will see an increase of auroras, extremes between hot and cold, then multiple fire issues. These objects will be metal based that will not totally burn up in the atmosphere and will hit the earth on fire. The intensity of these meteor storms will continue as we pass through this wave of debris cloud in space. There is a 190% chance that we will have to deal with this cloud with no chance of avoidance. The changes of people will be abrupt as people begin to deal with more stress and duress and fear of these meteorites falling. It will be surprising and hurtful for a lot of people that don’t have their Faith in God, and Jesus Christ Our Lord. (This is also what the visionary Luz De Maria has been trying to prepare us for with her prophetic messages on becoming more Spiritual, and less of the world, or of the flesh.) Pastor Paul stated that if we don’t have Jesus, we will most likely revert back to a primal mentality. Mike stated that in all situations coming, the problem will be how the people react to them instead of the actual situations themselves. Mike stated even the animals will begin to howl and act strangely because of the magnetic field and magnetosphere being affected. Mike stated at this time, we will be able to identify those that operate by flesh, and those that operate by Spirit. Pastor Paul asked about earthquake storms off the coast of California. Mike stated that we have coastlines that are actually starting to give way, and that California is having a water intrusion problem that is causing ground instabilities and he does suspect a sizeable earthquake in California in the next few weeks. Mike stated that there is a connection between California and Chile because of the continental plates and how they affect each other. If we see an earthquake in Chile, it will affect California and vise versa.

Pastor Paul talked about Dr. Fauci and the prediction of a second wave of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 and what does it all mean. Mike stated that the ultraviolet properties is what kills a virus, not the heat. Mike stated to stop a virus, you have to stop people from getting close to one another, and our problem is that people will not stay separated. It is not in our nature and people lose all caution if they don’t see any immediate illness or sickness around them and their family and friend circles. Mike stated the behavior of people will not change, and even the Centers of Disease Control are not in sync with other organizations on how people contract this virus. Pastor Paul stated that no one wants a forced vaccination and if he there is going to be a vaccine soon. Mike stated because he belongs to Christ he believes he will be okay if he has to get a vaccine because of his government position, but a trusted vaccine will not be out for another nine months to a year. Both Pastor Paul and Mike stated that if we Trust in the Lord, and have to take the vaccine because of our vocational positions, then we just have to have Faith that God is protecting us. (Note, We in this blog, have been shown many prophets with prophecies from Jesus that we have listed in this blog, that are saying not to take the vaccine right now. So, again, everything has to be taken back to Jesus in prayer, and we are not planning on getting the vaccine at this time, unless Jesus guides us otherwise.)

Pastor Paul stated that we need to pray for our leaders and asked Mike if he could come back again next Thursday night. Mike stated that yes, he will have plenty to talk about next week on June 18, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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