New Messages to Luz De Maria and the Little Prophet of Love. Also, Dr. Taylor Marshall explains the Latin that was written in the Letter From Archbishop Carlo Vigano to President Trump!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have some New Messages from Saint Michael to Luz De Maria and from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Little Prophet of Love. Here is the message from Saint Michael to Luz De Maria, dated June 1, 2020, In this message from Saint Michael, he explicitly calls out the Freemasons and their intent to destroy God’s Children who Love Our Blessed Mother out of fear of Her crushing the head of the serpent. We are not sure of what that means exactly, but just know that We will always stand behind Our Blessed Mother as Her Marian Army for the Salvation of Souls. This is and always has been in Service to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Saint Michael also tells us that the Continents are moving, earthquakes will come, and the continual illness (current virus) will reappear. He also gives names of countries that will be affected, but we shouldn’t be afraid. Just know that everything is escalating, but We have the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ covering Us and also Our Blessed Mother’s Mantle of protection.

Here is a recent message to the Little Prophet of Love from June 4, 2020. Notice that Our Lord states that the time of the Warning is getting closer in this message, and it was the Little Prophet of Love that Our Lord Jesus said it will be this Autumn (Fall). Our Lord reminds us to be His Children of Love in these times of distress. This is what will draw people to all of God’s Disciples, because it will be the opposite of those that don’t know God. The World will be filled with fear, uncertainty, and anger as labor pains and chastisements gets worse. Love is where We will shine like the True Disciples shined for Jesus in the Gospels. Keep praying for Jesus to increase Our Faith, Love and Trust in Him.

Next, we wanted to share with you a video by Dr. Taylor Marshall, where he explains the recent Letter from Archbishop Carlo Vigano to President Trump. We have already posted this information from LifeSite News, but Dr. Marshall took it a step further in explaining the Latin that was also included in this Letter for President Trump to understand the Spiritual battle we are fighting in Our Church and in Our Countries and Governments. This is so very important because it outlines everything that we have been writing in this blog about how the Freemasons have been determined to takeover Our Church and assist in leading the World into a New World Order. This has been prophesied as a warning from Our Blessed Mother in Our Lady of Good Success and in Our Lady of LaSalette, that we explained at the very beginning of this blog under the Marian Prophecies and this is also why we are currently in the end times that lead into the Tribulation in the Book of Revelation. Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall’s video, For those that have trouble understanding english in the english spoken videos, what Dr. Marshall is saying in his video is that Archbishop Vigano put an inscription in the Letter he wrote to President Trump that states, “Solve et Coagula”. In Latin, this translates to Dissolve and Coagulate, or come back together. Dr. Marshall explains this very well that Archbishop Vigano is trying to tell President Trump that we have a deep infiltration of Our Catholic Church of Freemasons that follow the pagan god Baphomet. This pagan god has this tattooed on the inside of his forearms, and this means to dissolve something from it’s original content and then to bring it back together under a New World Order, (Baphomet and the Illuminati and New World Order). This is the agenda of the Freemasons at the highest levels, and this has also been explained in this blog, and by priests such as Father Michel Rodrigue in his prophetic messages from God Our Father. This is also why it is important to understand to not follow the Harry Potter books, because as Dr. Marshall explains, the author of the Harry Potter series has this Latin inscription tattooed on the inside of her forearm. Kudos to the brave Priest in Tennessee, Father Dan Rehill, that removed the Harry Potter books from his Catholic School library. We have him listed and his story listed on the Priests and Religious fighting for Our Church page in this blog. We need more Priests like Father Dan in our world fighting for Jesus and leading us in these times of distress.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You.

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