We are Living out the Ten Plagues of Egypt! Be aware of Poisonous Frogs now! Also, update from Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are always following the Prophets in this blog because the Holy Spirit has guided us to them. We follow them because they have either had prophetic messages already fulfilled, or their messages are very similar to other Prophets in this blog that have had messages fulfilled. We have not posted any prophetic messages from Lois Vogel Sharp lately because of her mistake of saying some disparaging things about Our Blessed Mother. She somewhat took back her hurtful words in a later video, and since that time, we have been praying to the Holy Spirit about whether we should continue to post her prophetic messages. We believe that Lois does love all of God’s Children, but has experienced a vision about the leaders of Our Catholic Church that have created a fear of her knowledge of Catholicism as a whole. Sadly, we can’t dispute the Freemason takeover of Our Church that Our Blessed Mother warned us about for centuries that has been explained and proven of Her Loyalty to Our Lord in the beginning of this blog for the Salvation of Souls. These Prophecies, Mysticism and Miracles of what has been revealed to Us Catholics throughout the centuries may generate a fear and uncertainty in those that have not had these same revelations by the Holy Spirit. This goes vice versa for Catholics that fear gifts that Protestants have been given by the Holy Spirit. But, what needs to be understood by All Christians is that those that truly follow Jesus Christ discern that the devil attacks everyone, no matter how filled with the Holy Spirit and His gifts we have been blessed with, and no one has all of the answers because we are not Divine. We will all make mistakes, but if we continue to judge and fall to evil temptations by the devil that cause disunity, then we lose our Spiritual gifts because the Holy Spirit pulls back like He has done all over the world. If we have received a gift or many gifts from the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t mean we have all Truth. That is why we continue to pray for all Truth to be revealed for the glory of God. So, we wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal all Truth and not judge, criticize, hate, slander or form biased opinions.

Why does God only reveal some Truths to each Prophet and allow even the Pope, Pastors, Ministers, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests to be tempted by enemies of Jesus Christ? Because, we all have free will, and we will all continue to be tempted as His Children, just like Jesus was tempted in the desert. This is part of our personal test and trial to become Holy like the Saints. It wasn’t the Divinity of Jesus that was tempted, but by being both Son of God, and also Son of Man that God allowed His temptation. It is all children of God that have to overcome temptations of evil. IT IS OUR TEST, AND WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED LIKE WE ARE RIGHT NOW, and failing this test is what leads to those that fall away from the Faith. This is why we have to spend as much time with Jesus Christ as possible and pray Our Lord’s prayer constantly to be protected from the evil’s of temptation. We must pray the Holy Rosary and ask Our Blessed Mother and Guardian Angels to intercede for Us in prayer. But, we also have to remain humble and not be allowed to think that We only have the answers. We have to follow Our Blessed Mother’s example of Humility in everything we do and continue to pray for God’s Will to be done in our lives. We continue to ask for forgiveness for any offenses we have committed against the Blessed Trinity and continue to seek unification as followers of Jesus Christ for the Salvation of all Souls. We also believe the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience will be the Second Pentecost that unites all Christians in solidarity and our mission will be revealed that We who follow Jesus Christ and adhere to God’s Word in Biblical Teachings are the Remnant and the Elect that have been chosen to assist in the Conversion of Souls to Jesus Christ and the Salvation of all Souls.

So, we are going to post a message from Lois Vogel Sharp that reflects that she is still getting prophetic dreams and messages, and because the Holy Spirit has guided us to ensure that all followers of Jesus Christ need to be warned of what is coming, we are posting nine prophetic messages she received last month that include poisonous frogs, that are now appearing in Florida. She also had one many months ago about bees, and the killer Asian Hornet that was discovered last month in Washington met that prophecy. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2-Tsj6NmgMg. In this video, she was given nine prophetic messages from God Our Father, that we all need to take heed to, because some of them have also been prophesied by other Prophets in this blog. As Lois stated in this video, we are living out the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Here is Pastor Paul Begley’s video recently on poisonous frogs in Florida on June 3, 2020. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UvAaIApB-sU. So, we have discerned that the Holy Spirit wanted us to post Lois Vogel Sharp’s video of the nine warnings from God and to warn about the frogs and not allow your children or animals to touch these poisonous frogs that God has given us a warning about.

Next, we are going to post Pastor Paul Begley’s recent show, The Coming Apocalypse, with Mike From Around the World on June 4, 2020. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z37BHcLGDQo. Pastor Paul and Mike spoke about parts of the coastal lines falling away because of the enormous amounts of water that continue to erode the Earth. These massive amounts of rain are causing coastal areas and mountainous areas to erode away. Mike also stated that the radiation has gone up on the planet, and the Earth is like an overcharged battery. This chemical response causes fires and explosions, and these heating events also push up moisture into the clouds. The cloud cover captures this heat and cause atmospheric compression that drives the jet stream down and huge storms. Mike stated that the Ocean is starting to get too salinity and cause sea life to die out in massive amounts. Mike stated we are not prepared for the magnitude of what is coming, and to actually feel the affects of these storms is very different than just talking about them. Mike stated that our ground is both retaining water from the rain, and also drying up because of the heat from the radiation coming from the core of the Earth. There will be many structural changes in homes, highways, bridges, and shifting grounds. Mike stated that even with the best minds, we have a hard time believing these catastrophic weather events are occurring unless we see it.

Pastor Paul asked about the second wave of debris cloud coming in July. Mike stated that the speed of this debris is coming in faster than we realize like the speed of a bullet and by the time they detect something, 24 hours later, it has already passed by the Earth. Mike stated that this is occurring more frequently and with this cloud of debris coming, it will be the same. It is like we are passing through an asteroid belt, but this belt is so wide, that some of these objects are just passing by the Earth instead of hitting the Earth. Mike stated that we are scanning for the debris daily, but by the time NASA scientists see it, it has already passed the Earth. Mike believes the years of 2022 to 2028 are the most dangerous years to come, but this year is believed to have something catastrophic from space to occur. Mike did not give any specifics or dates about the debris cloud coming in July. But, we will continue to be attentive to anything that he may disclose of fireballs or meteorites coming to the Earth and if there are any specific dates. (Based on what Mike said in this show with Pastor Paul Begley, it gives more credibility to two celestial bodies colliding in the sky soon, without the knowledge of Scientists warning us about it, and the prophesied Warning being very unexpected.)

Mike stated that we are going to have some inbound pulses this week with radiation and from the five waves of energy. Mike stated we may start to experience more headaches, and body aches, and that the magnetosphere does affect people’s emotions. Mike stated if our magnetosphere continues to break down, the inbounds of fireballs will continue to enter our atmosphere and we will see both fires physically on the ground and more organized riots, hate, and anger. These organized riots of hate and anger are being engineered from social media and people should take note of these things. Mike is not referencing peaceful protests, but those that want to incite hate, anger, violence and division. Pastor Paul reminds us of what is going to be released from the bowels of the Earth in the Book of Revelation 9:1-12.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You.

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