Light of Mary Youtuber Charlie has an Urgent Message from Our Blessed Mother to share from the Prophet Enoch in Columbia! Also, an urgent message that supports Mike From Around the World on getting ready for deep impacts hitting the Earth very soon.

Hello, Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have posted a few messages from Light of Mary, which is moderated by a Youtuber by the name of Charlie. Charlie is a big follower of Luz De Maria, and Pedro Regis like we are on this blog. Charlie also moderates the YouTube Channel for Watchdog of Truth. In this most recent message from Light of Mary, Charlie points to an important recent message from Our Blessed Mother Mary to another Prophet by the name of Enoch. We have not posted any of Enoch’s Prophetic messages on this blog yet, but we have seen many of his messages on the Jesus Maria Site, and will continue to post his messages if there is something that is important like this latest message from Our Blessed Mother.

Time is running short to get the word out about the Warning and we are all trying to notify as many of God’s Children as possible, because this is what God has put into our hearts. This is also what you are hearing from Charlie as he explains why he has posted this video from Our Blessed Mother from Modern Day Prophet Enoch. Charlie believes like the rest of us that it appears that everything will continue to escalate until the Warning arrives.

Here is the information on After the Warning website that Charlie was referencing above. As you can see, this website also has Luz De Maria, Pedro Regis, Valentina Papagna, and a few others, Also, there is a message to an unknown Prophet by the name of Gisell Cardia that speaks about a message of Revolution. Our Blessed Mother has been and is continuing to prepare us to Serve Jesus for the Salvation of Souls.

Also, here is Enoch’s official personal website from Columbia, At least, we believe this is his official site, if someone else from Columbia knows of something different, please advise us.

Lastly, here is another youtuber that posts videos for another Prophet that we have not mentioned on this blog yet, but felt it was important because it supports what Mike From Around the World has been telling us to prepare for in this debris cloud coming in to hit the Earth in July, 2020 and again in the Fall. This debris cloud is coming in from this binary system that Our Blessed Mother has also been warning us about through Prophets Pedro Regis and Gianna Sullivan. This You Tuber’s name is Mike 444, Notice, he stated there will be star’s that fall from the heaven’s from one Prophet he named, then after that message from that Prophet, he went into another Prophet he mentioned that also spoke about many celestial bodies that have entered our atmosphere, and numerous incoming objects will suddenly appear in the sky. He speaks of meteor showers, asteroids, Planet X, Nibiru, fallen ones, darkening of the Sun, wormwood, giants too will re-surface on the Earth that will be awakened. He said we are to prepare both Physically and Spiritually.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” “Jesus, We Trust in You.”

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