Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, on The Coming Apocalypse Show, May 28, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have conducted another review of the Pastor Paul Begley Show, The Coming Apocalypse, with Mike From Around the World. Here is what Pastor Paul and Mike have to say this week. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NpqWqmqGsdw.

Pastor Paul and Mike started the show by talking about the Blood Red rain that came down in eastern Oregon, that was captured with a photograph from a Pastor Paul Begley follower. Mike stated that this is iron build up from the space particles that are coming in from the debris and particles that continue to inundate the Earth. Pastor Paul also spoke about 6 asteroids that are expected to pass near the Earth in the next 5 days. Mike stated that we are going to have to get used to this and there were also 4 fireballs that come by last night and on average, we will start to see about 20 fireballs a day. Mike talked about massive delays in T-Mobile, AT&T and other cell phone networks, and this was due to objects hitting these satellites in our orbit. Pastor Paul also brought up a massive black object that was observed in space before they were going to launch a rocket from SpaceX a few days ago. Mike stated that many people call this the Black Knight Satellite. Mike stated that they did abort the SpaceX mission, but he is not exactly sure why they did this, and he did not believe it was due to weather. Mike stated his opinion of the Black Knight Satellite is that it is an ancient piece of technology that is actually found in the Book of Baruch. Mike believes this piece of technology was created by some of the fallen angels. (We believe in this blog, that Mike is referencing Baruch 3:24-29, which is describing the fallen angels and the giants that were created, but not from God. If you have a New American Bible, and look at the references at the bottom of the page, it speaks about the Book of Genesis 6:1-4, and the giants who existed before the flood; this was developed in the non-canonical Book of Enoch. We have also written a post about “How Special is Enoch” in this blog for your review.) Mike reminds us that there are many things on Earth that are still unexplained, and he believes that these finds can be found Biblically if you study the Scriptures and try to understand the Bible as also a historical document as well as God’s Word. Mike believes technology of ancient times will be uncovered as people share these mysterious objects that are discovered. Mike believes that one of these mechanisms to continue to hide these mysteries is to continue to create a narrative and also believes that is why the United States is beginning to create a regulation of the FCC and the internet and social media. Pastor Paul stated that when they conduct a conference on A.I., Aliens and technology, they will go into great detail on this subject.

Mike stated that there are people devoted and very good at causing havoc, chaos, and division. Mike brought up the police officer that stood on the neck of George Floyd and killed him in public and did not even seem concerned. Mike stated that the procedure was not an approved procedure and the officer that did it was not who he seems to be and was too calm during the incident. Mike believes this officer was some sort of implant that was placed in his position to create division and this evil goes beyond the deep state. Mike stated these individuals are the opposite of the faithful and darker than anyone involved in the deep state. Mike stated these people are influenced by the enemies of Jesus Christ and they do things that would turn our stomachs inside out and upside down. Pastor Paul asked if it was occultist, and Mike stated to go back to the boss of the brotherhood of the serpent and read on this information. Pastor Paul said there are other societies like this that are in contact with the old entities that walked the Earth thousands of years ago. These flesh and blood entities are gone now, but continue to walk around in spirit, and Mike believes these groups could resurface again very soon. (Again, we believe Mike is referencing the fallen angels and their demonic influences on the Earth right now as the Nephilim. God is the creator of the Angels, but when the fallen angels chose Lucifer over God, they were cast out of Heaven.)

Mike believes that incoming debris is what affected the satellites and caused the SpaceX launching to be delayed. Mike stated things were flying by in space and it was too risky to launch an expensive piece of equipment that could be taken down by an object flying by. Mike also stated there are objects hitting the back side of our Sun like it did our Moon last week. Pastor Paul showed a picture of a solar flare picture taken on the back side of our Sun, and the fact that we are in a solar minimum and should not be having any coronal mass ejections at this time. Mike stated that there will be stalled weather systems over areas of the Earth, and there will be massive rain amounts over parts of the Earth. Mike stated this will continue to happen over and over again until these areas are saturated and it will break up mountainous areas of rock. Mike stated we are dealing with something very new and we will have both a deep freeze from the solar minimum, but also heat waves continuing to heat up the Earth due to the waves of energy that keep coming in affecting the Earth’s core. Mike said he is so thankful that he believes in Christ, because most people will not be prepared for what is coming. Mike stated this weather phenomena has been building up for several years, and that 5G should not be put together with the Coronavirus spread, because it has been developed for a completely different purpose. In fact, the 5G communication is already in place and ready to be launched, and 5G gives life for all machines to communicate with each other. Mike stated that initially, this can be communication for positive ID and machines speaking to each other can come in the form of a bracelet, but the technology has to be introduced first, so that people will accept it. Pastor Paul asked if this technology has an actual name that involves biometric systems. Mike stated that he does not know of a name for this system yet, but it is created to have all machines communicate together through 5G and it involves positive ID, our own physiological vital signs, and other detectors in our bodies, such as temperature rising, etc.. Mike stated that this system is getting ready to be introduced.

Mike states that Satan uses arguments against us Christians so that we turn away from each other and uses blinders of doctrine to turn people against each other. Pastor Paul agreed and believes there are people trying to destroy our Nation and are enemies of Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul believes the only way to conquer the world is to conquer America, and this is also true of Our Church. Pastor Paul reminds us that we have to stay in love and fellowship. Pastor Paul asked if he brings Mike back on June 4, 2020, will we know about the space debris coming in July. Mike stated yes, he will have more information on actual dates in July when this next wave of debris cloud hits.

Both Pastor Paul and Mike stated they are concerned about our President and his safety. Mike reminds us that we have to understand that Satan will continue to cause division and hate to rise up against all people. Mike stated that Bill Gates is at odds with the Republican Party and this is the last stand that they feel like they have and all of these people that own the tech companies are not Republican followers. Pastor Paul asked if this was a brutal battle for the First Amendment and Mike stated it was a battle for the whole Constitution. Mike stated this is why we have to be founded in Christ, and we are the gate keepers of our homes, and we have to keep the devil out as much as possible. Mike stated he would be back next week, on June 4, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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