Update on Cloud of Debris expected this Week of May 12, 2020! Mike From Around the World with Pastor Paul Begley on the Coming Apocalypse Show. Also, Update on a 6.5 Earthquake in Nevada in the United states.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Today is May 15, 2020 and it appears we will have some more time before we see some significant impacts by meteorites, which is a blessing from Our Lord. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NCBofSVJdgs.

Mike From Around the World told us last week, that we may or may not get some significant impacts this week of meteorites on fire as we got closer to the date of May 12, 2020. This doesn’t mean he is not accurate with what he can see with this debris cloud, this only means that the particles in this first wave of debris cloud were not very big and possible more dust. We had some fireballs over Louisiana and we had some wild fires in Florida, so it is still unknown of how much of that was from this debris cloud. Here is what Mike had to say on last night’s show with Pastor Paul Begley in the video we posted above.

Pastor Paul asked about the Chinese rocket that was launched on May 5, 2020, that then fell from orbit nearly missing New York city and falling into the Atlantic Ocean. Mike stated that he did not believe that it was purely accidental that this rocket, that is as big as a tractor trailer, fell from the atmosphere merely a week after it was launched. Mike stated we are living in very bizarre times, and at the same time this rocket was falling, there was a European Space Agency following this rocket and other debris that was also falling simultaneously. Mike stated that he actually has some of this documentation that reflected and he believes that the United States Space Command had to deflect this rocket falling towards New York City, or else it would have hit or landed on part of New York City! Mike stated that there was another piece of something that hit the ground close to the coast of West Africa that is not part of this failed rocket. The media and everyone else believes it was part of this rocket, but it was not. Mike stated that if this rocket would have hit New York City, there would have been contamination underground of radioactive material. There would have been fires, and parts of the city damaged. Mike stated that the skies are watched over the United States to prevent anything from landing and causing catastrophic damage or death. Pastor Paul asked if this is why President Trump created Space Force. Mike stated he suspects that if certain countries get ahold of any type of control of space or the atmosphere, then it gives more control over war type situations. Mike stated we really face uncertain times, and sometimes he will give a trigger date to us in his interviews with Pastor Paul of something major coming that the media will not put out.

Pastor Paul said everyone was anticipating May 12, 2020, and no one was talking about the failed Chinese rocket that almost hit New York City. Mike stated that as they were tracking these objects coming in on May 11, 2020 and as they tracked these objects, it gave them a new wave to track that will arrive June 5, 2020. Mike stated this new wave will be bigger and the meteorites will definitely be inside the satellite belt, which is approximately 22,000 miles around the Earth. Mike stated that after June 5, 2020, there will be some detector satellites that will be even more accurate on exact dates that these meteorites are coming in July. Mike also stated we will begin to see more TV shows on meteorites and science shows identifying what they are so that people will become desensitized to the idea of meteorites hitting the Earth.

Mike stated that we probably have more people in the White House that are infected with Coronavirus now and everyone is overwhelmed with trying to keep from contracting the virus themselves. Pastor Paul stated he had a dream recently of Vice President Mike Pence asking him for prayer. Mike stated he also had a dream of someone he can’t mention that was lying in a casket, but it wasn’t Mike Pence. Mike stated that it was very shocking to him, because he has never had a dream like this before. Mike stated they have been watching for a bigger field of objects that were coming this past week, but since they did not come in heavy, and dense this week, that means there is a probability of showering of debris coming. Not necessarily a deep impact, but many fires all over the place. Mike stated that pulses also come behind these objects, and in about 4 or 5 days we will feel the pulse from this first wave this week. Mike stated they are using CERN to determine the cosmic waves that will hit the Earth, and the particle accelerator is used to identify precision dates. Every single nation is involved and the clock is ticking. There are lots of things being tracked from space right now and every country is getting involved to get ahead of the impacts coming.

Pastor Paul asked about HR 060606 and Representative Bobby Rush who introduced this Coronavirus test and tracking bill. Mike stated that in his estimation, this is going to be a compliance bill that follows along with everything that is being implemented. We are being conditioned into thinking that we must be tracked in order to keep from contracting the virus ourselves. Mike stated that he does believe we will hit 200,000 deaths easily and this inflammatory response in these children is very strange in New York. All of a sudden, we have all of these tech companies that are stating that they have the device to help with the new agenda. The new agenda is your cell phone, tracking devices, testing and vaccines, and people don’t want to touch money anymore. There is a mandate right now that all identification be put into this platform so that it can communicate with 5G and all of the machines can transmit this information. Mike stated there are devices now that can read your vitals in seconds, and we are moving into a transhumanism agenda. Pastor Paul stated he will have another Conference on aliens, A.I. technology and the antichrist. In this conference they will cover all of the transhumanism technology and the agenda they are pushing us towards.

Mike stated that there is a silent war going on because of the massive Earth changes that are coming. Mike believes that we will start to experience more stress because of the changes we will have to live with now. Mike also stated that we, as Christians, must now understand that we will see some falling away because of the stress that we will go through. Mike said this stress is being put on us so that we will crumble under duress. The rocket falling out of the sky and coming close to New York City was not accidental and we will have to start putting our Trust in the Lord as things get more bizarre. Mike stated he would be on again next week on May 21, 2020 with Pastor Paul Begley.

Breaking News! As we were working on this post today, there was a 6.5 Earthquake in Tonopah, Nevada. Here is Pastor Paul Begley’s update video on this reported Earthquake. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E0nxApliEOE.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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