Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse show, April 10, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! Happy Good Friday and Praise be to Jesus! As we reflect on the Passion of Our Lord today and how much we Love Him, let’s all be thankful that He has called us to Serve Him! We listened to Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World discuss current events this week and here is the show they had last night, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=By_zNjdpCoQ.

Pastor Paul and Mike discussed the United States Presidential Seal and why it has not been displayed while the President is speaking at his Coronavirus press conferences. Mike said not to jump the gun, because it is primarily his advisers that are speaking on the virus and not the President. Mike said things are slowly changing, but not to worry about the Presidential Seal right now. Mike said we have some different worries to be concerned about right now. Mike and Pastor Paul discussed how we are struggling with this Coronavirus and sustainability of things like respirators and masks and how the President’s focus is on this right now and not Foreign Policy. Mike said that the Coronavirus is only one element out of thousands that will be coming and this is almost like a good workout to prepare for what is coming. Pastor Paul asked if we were leaning towards socialism as a country because of how we are being forced into scenarios with this virus. Mike stated we are seeing the beginning of what will be dictated to us as these catastrophic events unfold. Mike said most young people aren’t familiar with the term “socialism”, but are familiar with the terms of “the common good”, and this is what our young people will adapt to because they are being forced to believe that it has to be this way.

Pastor Paul asked how long Mike thinks we would be able to see relief from this virus and it subsiding. Mike said it all depended on how long we maintained social distancing, because if one infected person comes in contact with a large group of people, we would be looking at this virus exploding into another pandemic all over again. Mike and Paul talked about China and how it appears their numbers of deaths are low now and how the people in China are tracked by their cell phones. Mike stated that the Chinese government was getting ready to enforce bio markers on its citizens that would identify if they have a fever, and where they are located. Mike stated that we just can’t depend on what the Chinese government is telling us because we are not getting all of the answers, and 23 million people’s cell phones have gone away since the virus started.

Mike believes that we are not out of the woods when it comes to having a lower amount of deaths in the United States from the Coronavirus. Mike believes that there are most likely people at home dying of this virus that are not being reported. Mike repeats that we can’t relax on our vigilance of social distancing and we need to focus on the next 5 days to see what the results are at that time. If we maintain our present state of social distancing, then we can effectively eradicate this virus over time.

Pastor Paul Begley brought up NASA and their new report on a collision of asteroids that will hit Jupiter, but did not say when. Mike said that the inbound clusters will be something we will have deal with and get used to. Mike said this summer, we will have the inbound clusters of rocks coming in, and we will have dryness and drought and fire on different parts of the Earth. We will also have to deal with increased thunder storms with increased winds of 80 miles an hour. These winds will bring in hail, and these thunderstorms will eat away at the infrastructure all over the world, but the fires will be worse. Mike stated that we will most likely see more deaths from the fires and thunderstorms by the end of this summer than we will from the Coronavirus deaths. Pastor Paul stated that this will start to fulfill Biblical Prophecy, and that we are definitely in the beginnings of sorrows. Pastor Paul stated that what Mike is starting to describe is another level of Biblical prophecy being fulfilled with deep impacts. Mike stated that we are already seeing people unprepared with this Coronavirus, and these situations are so surreal to people that they can’t comprehend what is coming. Mike stated that we need to focus on what is happening and not why it is happening. That way, we can prepare for what will come to pass in the book of Revelations. This is not even God’s wrath, this is just the birthing pains that we as the Church, have to realize is happening right now.

Mike confirmed that this Coronavirus will jump from human to animal and animal to human, because we as human beings are conducting weird experiments with animals and these are taking place in China. If we don’t focus on what God is telling us about what not to do in the Bible, then these experiments and mixing of animal species will get worse. Mike said we need to focus on prayer and God’s Word in the Bible.

Pastor Paul brought up May 12, 2020 again, and Mike stated that we are so blessed that we have not even been set ablaze yet. Mike stated that they are starting to notice that certain objects are going faster than the speed of light, and there will be no warning time when some of these celestial objects gets closer to the Earth. Mike stated that we are going to entertain these Magnetar blasts, which are waves of energy from an exploding star, and we will begin to see blood red rain falling from the sky. This blood red rain will be coming from a meteorite and space debris that will be full of arsenic. Mike stated he will talk more about a water problem we will have during the conference on May 1st and 2nd with the Megaquake 2020 Webinar with Pastor Paul Begley. Mike stated that he would be back next Thursday for another show.

If you have not studied in this blog about what the little green file has disclosed about this binary system hitting Jupiter by March 28, 2021 from Pastor Paul Begley and Steven Ben DeNoon , then you need to go back and review the post we put in this blog. Pastor Paul Begley has been given some documented scientific information on a little green memory stick about Planet X, or Hercolubus from Steven Ben DeNoon, and it is on this file he is referencing in his show today. Here is the Title of this post in this blog,

“Pastor Paul Begley, Update on the Little Green File.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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  1. Things are getting very interesting!🥺

    Mary Ann Budnik Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Will of the Lord is. (Ephesians 5:15-17)



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