We have a Second Confirmation that The Warning, or Illumination of Conscience could be this Fall, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We have received a second confirmation from the Holy Spirit on the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience being possibly in the Fall of this year, 2020. The first confirmation was from Mena Lee Grebin on a previous post we did on March 25, 2020. What got our attention is what Our Lord told Mena about not only the plague coming back stronger in the Fall of this year, but that Our Lord said that there will be a “window”, a time frame around the time of Tabernacles, or the fall Feast. This will be a season for “Those that need to come”, “For those that need to go”, and for “Those that need to rise Up! This to us, meant that this might be the period of the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Because, Prophet John Leary also received the same language, especially with the word “window” on how long we would have before the virus returns with even more deaths than now.

So, fast forward to March 27, 2020 on the prophetic message that was given to John Leary from Our Lord Jesus. Here is the Prophetic message for John Leary, http://www.johnleary.com/. “Later, at the Eternal Father Chapel we were praying before our Adoration DVD. I could look down through a narrow tunnel with a light at the end. Jesus said: “My people, you think your cases and deaths from the corona virus are bad now. I have told you how you will see a peaking of cases in a few months with a short lull, which will be a time to stock up on food. In the fall I told you also how the virus will return, and it will be deadlier. I am telling you that it will be a hundred or more times worse than you have now. At this point you are seeing 32,000 deaths world wide, but when the Spanish Flu hit, 50 to 70 million people died. The number of deaths in the fall could repeat millions of deaths at a much faster rate than you have now. I have been telling you if many are dying around you, I will call you to My refuges. To protect My faithful, it is most likely that I will be calling you to My refuges in the fall, so you can be healed and protected from any virus. In that case your refuge angels will put a shield of protection around you. The deep state people have a cure for this virus, and they will be retreating underground in their tunnels to try and avoid the deaths and riots for food. They have been buying up the dehydrated food for months, and storing it in their secret tunnels. Have no fear of this virus because I will be protecting My people at My refuges. I am affirming that you are in the time of a pre-tribulation before the Great Tribulation of the Antichrist.”

What Our Lord said differently here is that He told John Leary that it is most likely that He will be calling His people to His refuges in the fall, so that we can be healed and protected from any virus. So, this is our second confirmation from the Holy Spirit that we may have the Second Pentecost and the Warning this Fall, or Fall Feast, 2020. There have been two different prophets that are saying this now, so this means we really need to prepare as much as possible. Jesus told John Leary, depending on how many deaths there are, because He wants to keep His Remnant protected, He will most likely decide to have the Warning this Fall, 2020. This is exciting news for us because we get to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Pentecost, but of course it is also numbing because it means we are much closer to the Great Tribulation than we realize. So, Our Lord never gives exact dates for anything, but He gives us a heads up so that we continue to prepare!

We have all been preparing Spiritually by spending a lot of time in prayer with Our Lord, reading His Word, spending time in Adoration with Him and just talking to Him throughout the day and asking for the graces to become the best Disciples we can be during this time. We need to continue to prepare physically, by getting our food and water stored up a little at a time, probably ordering your food now, because you are probably sheltering in place. Getting your interim refuges ready to allow those that Jesus sends to you to stay with you in that 6 week period before we all go to the permanent refuges. This may mean purchasing more sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries, etc… In case you are new to this blog, we have a post on “Preparing an Interim Refuge”, in case you have decided to serve Jesus that way before we go to a Permanent Refuge.

Lastly, we need to begin preparing mentally for what Our Lord is asking of us as His Disciples. The Holy Spirit will guide us and we will be on fire with His Love, but we need to make a commitment to Jesus right now to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls. If this means telling as many people as possible about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience, then do that for Him. If this means speaking to people about Jesus when we go out to get our essential items before we go back home, then do that for Him. If this means to encourage HOPE in Jesus to people that are scared and are not working on their Relationship with Jesus right now, then do that for Him. We have to continue to encourage the Love and Hope of Jesus to others especially when we see that people are in distress with the changes that are occurring to our world. A lot of people are having Zoom meetings and we can do this in prayer also. So, if you have a prayer group that usually meets, see about setting up a visual prayer chat group on line so that we can stay connected in prayer. This will help us to prepare mentally and stay strong for Jesus. Remember, separation is what the enemy wants because isolation is hard on our minds if we are not spending time with Our Lord. Isolation can also create fear, panic, and anxiety because people are not turning to Jesus or the Blessed Trinity for strength. So, anything we can do to help people keep their Faith and to Trust in Jesus is being a Disciple for Him. We have to stay connected to Our Lord and help others stay connected.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

15 Replies to “We have a Second Confirmation that The Warning, or Illumination of Conscience could be this Fall, 2020!”

  1. I was wondering, since Garabandal Visionary, Conchita Gonzales, who the Blessed Mother has given the exact date of the Warning and was permitted to share it would be March, April or May, but not Share the year, your thoughts!!!


    1. Hi Sue, yes I believe some visionaries have been given months and dates, but after studying and researching many visionaries, seers, and prophets, it appears Our Lord does not like to give exact dates, because He wants us to always have our oil lamps ready, but He also has made many decisions to prolong the Warning many times. We believe He does this for the Salvation of as many Souls as possible. God prolonging the Warning and the Great Chastisement has been prophesied many, many times in Our Blessed Mother’s prophecies about Her pleading with Jesus and God Our Father for more time. Also, if we would have taken heed to her instruction about Consecrating Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, things may have been different now. This is also apparent with all of the hundreds of apparitions all over the world from Our Blessed Mother, and all of the prophecies, dreams, and visions coming from people all over the world. However, we all are discerning that the Warning appears to be coming between this Fall to early Spring of next year. If Our Lord does decide to wait longer past next Spring, it will be so that more of us come together to assist Him for the Salvation of Souls.


    2. Wow What a strong message I absolutely agree we have to focus now on what’s right and that’s the Lord is coming to save us. Talk to people on social media to your friends even if they annoy what you keep trying if you could only convince one person out of 100 and that’s good please stay focused on the Lord pray every day with your family the Rosery the Rosery is the key to crush the devil. Pray hope and don’t worry like What a strong message I absolutely agree we have to focus now on what’s right and that’s the Lord is coming to save us. Talk to people on social media to your friends even if they annoy what you keep trying if you could only convince one person out of 100 and that’s good please stay focused on the Lord pray every day with your family the Rosery the Rosery is the key to crush the devil. Pray hope and don’t worry like Saint Pa Padre Pio🙏🙏🙏


    1. Hi Angelica, I believe there is still a chance it could happen after the great conjunction occurs on December 21, 2020. Because the great conjunction is an alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, which has not taken place in the last 400 years. There will be two celestial bodies that collide in the sky when the Warning occurs. I don’t believe it will be Saturn and Jupiter colliding, but I do believe this is another sign from God, and the way these meteors keep coming in so close, it could be two meteors that collide. However, as Our Lord keeps saying to John Leary, it will come in the midst of chaos and many deaths of His Children. This is what we have not seen yet, so it may happen in the beginning months of next year. I just keep praying that we are all ready to Serve Jesus Our Lord, and that many people, who do not follow Scripture or Prophecy, or have a Relationship with Our Lord, do not run out to get the vaccine believing it is going to save them. I continue to pray for the Warning to come very soon, so that people will not be deceived.


      1. Yes you are right, we should not take the vaccine at any cost. I have a court hearing on 18th December whereas court will decide whether I am allow to move close to my family with my children and whether the children should live with me. Please pray for me and my children as its a final hearing unless God has other plans. God Bless.


      2. Okay Angelica , we will continue to keep you in our prayers and ask for Our Blessed Mother’s intervention. May God Bless you for all of the suffering you offer up for the Salvation of Souls.


  2. I believe in the warning of garabandal but your sources are all r false prophets. If they tell you the yr you can already know its false


    1. Hi Erik. There is no way of knowing exactly when the Warning will come. It did not come in the Fall, but it doesn’t mean the sources are false. We can’t assume to know why God says it will come, and then we don’t see it happen and throw it out as false, because God is Divine and we are not, so what He says to one prophet may be different than what He says to another . It does seem though that God keeps us in a state of Preparation, just like He does in the Scriptures. There are so many Prophets now saying that it is coming very soon that we have listed in the blog, that it leads us to believe that it will be this year. We are not Prophets in this blog, but unless God Our Father decides to turn everything around, it does appear that all of these Prophets are speaking Truth. It is best not to cast doubts, but to stay prepared like the five wise virgins, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2025&version=NIV. You believe in the Warning, which is good, because many people do not believe it will occur at all. So, God has put it on our hearts to inform everyone about the Warning, and that we stay prepared by doing a general confession, like Father Michel stated, and work on being better Disciples and striving for holiness and Service to Him. This is all we can do until God decides when He wants it to happen, and we believe this is what He wants us to do because many people will be in a state of distress that will need Our Lord and must continue to have Faith in His goodness and Love for us. May God Bless you and your family and all of us seeking His Divine Will.


  3. The Illumination of Conscious is already underway. The visionary’s mortal linear perception of cosmic time has confused many. Undoubtedly, the intensity of the ‘illumunation’ will increase…over time…as more individuals require a a stronger dose of introspection to detox the soul. A preview of hell…on earth…is coming. As Conchita of Grabandal recently stated, we are being separated from the securities of this world. All security will be removed…piece by piece… until our souls are laid bare for the final examination.


  4. The ‘Warning’ came with comet Hale-Bopp in 1997 and the ‘Chastisement’ will be fulfilled with Comet C/2017 K2 when it arrives in 2022. Both comets share striking similarities. Both manifested cometary behavior at a distance far beyond the norm, especially K2 which had a coma at an UNPRECEDENTED distance from the sun in 2013. They both also have an almost identical orbit. The Creator is not mocked and comets are the Creator’s means of managing its creation. Existence is a miracle in and of itself which is why Christ said it is an evil generation that seeks after miracles. Why would another miracle be necessary to validate an existing one? The illumination of conscience has been intensifying ever since the appearance of comet Hale- Bopp and is now reaching a crescendo as K2 makes its hyperbolic arrival in Dec. of 2022. K2 has the potential to upset our solar system in ways not witnessed in millennia. It could be what brings about the “Three Days of Darkness” as it destabilizes our sun thus producing mind blowing phenomena.


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