Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World Update. Also, Lois Vogel Sharp received a prophetic message from God Our Father on a Volcanic eruption.

I listened to Pastor Paul Begley’s show last night with Mike From Around the World, and I also listened to Lois Vogel Sharp’s video from February 20, 2020. Interestingly, they all talked about a future volcanic eruption coming soon. Mike gave us another update on May 12, 2020 on seeing either clusters of debris or rocks entering our atmosphere, and hitting the Earth, and also a possibly large Volcanic eruption at that time or before the time of May 12, 2020. Mike said that things appear to be getting worse, which is reflecting the amount of pressure building up inside the Earth’s core from radiation. All of this radiation continues to come from something in our solar system. Mike said things are going to get so bad from the heat of the magma under the Earth, that it will cause a crustal shift that will actually swallow up mountains and islands and our Earth’s geography will change. Mike also talked about lakes and rivers drying up because of the heat coming from the Earth’s core, and if there was a way to bottle up the water from all of the flooding we are getting now, we should do it, because we will miss this water later when we have more droughts from the heat.

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike also talked more about the Coronavirus and Pastor Paul asked Mike if the Coronavirus is a biological weapon. Mike stated that if it was a biological weapon, that information would not be released very soon. Mike stated he believes it is man-made, but not sure if it was geared towards a specific race, or if the Chinese are specifically targeted. It does appear to be generating more confirmed cases in the Asian countries more rapidly than any other country, but this could be because of the density of population in these countries.

I also got to listen to Lois Vogel Sharp this morning from her February 20, 2020 video. Lois said she received a prophetic message from God Our Father on a volcanic eruption that would be so large, that the gases actually ended up blocking out the sun. Mike From Around the World, has actually said this will happen on a previous show with Pastor Paul Begley, and that this is called volcanism. Sulfur dioxide gas and water mix in the air with large volcanic eruptions and lead to a large cooling affect. Here is a video from CBS News, If large volcanoes blow continuously in different parts of the world, this sulfur dioxide gas and water mixture will continue to move across the Earth and block out the sun, like God Our Father told Lois Vogel Sharp. Here is the video from Lois Vogel Sharp from February 20, 2020, So, we will be getting more volcanic eruptions soon, and we need to be prepared. Lois went into the 3 days of darkness and that she does not like the video going around on it, but it is because she believes that we should not be afraid of any demons and hide in our homes. Saint Padre Pio informed us of the 3 days of darkness, but Saint Pio said to stay in your homes because of God’s Wrath, and to not look at God’s Wrath, not because of fear of demons. Prophet John Leary said in his prophetic messages, that the 3 days of darkness will come at the end just before we are “taken up” by Jesus into the clouds, and God brings His Wrath upon the evil of the Earth. So, many more things to pray about to the Holy Spirit for discernment, and more diligent prayer in getting closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and becoming His Disciple.

Emmanuel- “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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