Could the Pangolin be the animal that has linked us to the Coronavirus and did the Economist Magazine Cover in 2019 give us a soft disclosure of a future intention to try and depopulate the world?

Last week we did a post, that the Holy Spirit guided us to, about a possible soft disclosure on a vaccine that could be created for a pandemic created by the Coronavirus. Today, the World Health Organization, W.H.O. has still yet to call this rapidly spreading virus, a pandemic. In the post we wrote last week, we mentioned Bill Gates stating in 2018, that the world was not prepared for a pandemic that could kill 30 million in less than a year. We found it odd that he spoke about this in 2018 and now, Business Insider Magazine is putting it in one of their articles. We also wrote about how Pastor Paul Begley is always talking about soft disclosures and how the Illuminati or Elites are always trying to announce their intentions ahead of time to condition us, or program us into believing it is true information, or accurate so that we can conform. Also, in the post we did last week, we put in a video on the Economist Magazine Cover in 2019, using them as an example of how the Elites work on this programming they like to put on covers of their magazines. When I was writing this post, I kept looking at the small dragon-like animal in the left hand corner, and I kept getting the discernment from the Holy Spirit, that this animal is linked to the Coronavirus. At that time, I did some research, but did not see any links of the Coronavirus to this animal. However, the Holy Spirit just confirmed what He was revealing to us. Here is the video we posted on the Economist Magazine Cover for 2019,

The small animal in the left hand corner of the Economist Magazine Cover appears to be this Pangolin mammal, that scientists in China discovered could be where the Coronavirus originated. Here is an another article written by Business Insider again on the possibility that this animal could be the cause of the Coronavirus. According to this article, the Pangolin’s meat is a delicacy to eat, and the scales are used for medicinal purposes. The question is, is the Holy Spirit showing us now, that this animal is the originator of this Coronavirus, and is it man-made in a lab to exterminate large masses of people, but actually made to appear that it came from this animal. In addition, is this a soft disclosure from the Elites of their intentions to not only wipe out masses of people, but are they also attempting to create a vaccine that could be just as deadly? We need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to and pray for more discernment. Also, we will pass this on to Pastor Paul Begley to see if he is interested in investigating, because he has a larger following on his show, The Coming Apocalypse.

If the Coronavirus is not man-made and came from an animal, then why is the animal on the front cover of the 2019 Economist Magazine Cover, and why is also the Four Horseman from the Apocalypse on the front cover? These are all things we must continue to pray about for discernment and we must continue to listen to the Prophets, and Our Blessed Mother Mary about the prophetic warnings of what the One World Order is trying to accomplish.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon, and it is not just because of egregious sin. Satan has influenced many Freemason organizations and the Rothschilds co-own the Economist Magazine. It is in the Book of Revelation that Our Lord is also returning to wipe out evil that is trying to control the world and what is to become a One World Government, Currency, Religion, and antichrist. Some people, including Christians, believe that the Rothschilds are not liked because of their wealth and Jewish background. This is not true, because all Christians should know that the Israelites are God’s chosen people. However, many do not understand the Rothschild affiliation to Freemasonry. Here is an article on their links to Freemasonry,

We ask the Blessed Trinity to reveal all Truth, so that we may serve Jesus in the Salvation of Souls before He returns as the just judge. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us to all Truth so that we are not deceived in these end times.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a blessed day.

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