Adoration of Our Lord!

Our Lord has put it on my heart to write this post about Adoring Him in the Eucharist. For those who are not Catholic that reads this blog, please continue reading because this pertains to all Christians to adore Our Lord. I will talk about the importance of Eucharistic Adoration, but I also want to touch on the importance of all Adoration to Jesus and the Blessed Trinity to gain graces.

First, let me tell you that as part of our Transformation and Surrender to Jesus, we have to work on our relationship with Him. I have witnessed the love of Our Lord in my own transformation and in other Christian family members, who are not Catholic. How can we tell the Christians who truly love Jesus and the ones who say they do, but don’t truly LOVE Him with all of their hearts? In their actions, words, speech, behavior, patience, kindness, calmness, compassion, humility, mercy towards others, and love towards their neighbors. This kind of statement might make some people angry, because none of us want to be questioned on our love for God. But, the reason I need to mention it and I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding me to speak on it, is because if you don’t truly surrender, you will not receive the graces for your transformation. I see many people who verbally say they love Jesus, but then I will hear that same person gossip, criticize, judge, curse, tell lies, etc… So, right away, I know that he or she has not fully surrendered to Jesus. If you truly surrender to Jesus and begin to feel His LOVE, you will not even want to offend Him by any of those sins I mentioned above. You begin to get an understanding from the Holy Spirit, that you have to stop offending the Blessed Trinity with these venial sins. Venial sins are a big deal in that they can open the door for the devil to lead us to mortal sins. Does it mean, we will automatically stop committing venial sins? No, but once the Holy Spirit starts working on us, we will start to feel the Holy Spirit telling us in our hearts, not to say this, or don’t do that. Or, if we do something we know is wrong, (sinful), we will automatically feel regret, and ask Jesus to forgive us. So, if we LOVE Him, we will want to stop committing all sins with the help of God’s graces. We can’t transform without His graces. This can’t be stressed enough, because it is God, who transforms us. We tell Jesus we want to change for Him, and then we make an effort to change, and He gives us the graces to keep being transformed.

How do we get the graces for this transformation? By spending as much time with Him as possible. Many non-Catholic Christians and Catholic Christians spend time with Him by reading His Word daily and praying and worshipping Him for 1-3 hours. There is no doubt in my mind, that if you do this daily with a loving, open heart to Jesus, He is going to give you the graces for that transformation. God knows Our Hearts and loves for us to spend time with Him. Some people would say that they don’t have enough time to pray and worship for that long. God understands our schedules, but we were made to LOVE Him, Adore Him, Worship Him, and Serve Him, (Isaiah 43:7, Psalm 100:2-3, 1 Samuel 12:24, John 17:4). So, right away, He is telling us in His Word, that we have to spend time with Him. We have to accept the fact that we would not have our busy schedules if it wasn’t for God. He is our Creator that blessed us with everything we have, think, own, given birth to, created and loved. God has to be first in our lives, and once we understand that, we start to receive the graces we need to be transformed into His image.

I went to Eucharistic Adoration last week and was spending time with Jesus. The one thing I noticed is that although my time with Him at home is good, I feel more of His presence with me and actually get answers to questions I ask Him while I am with Him in front of the Monstrance in Eucharistic Adoration. I have had many personal encounters with Jesus in the Eucharist and it is important for everyone to understand that He is truly present in the host after the consecration conducted by a Priest. I can only tell you from my experiences that I know I have received many graces and beautiful experiences from being with Jesus in Adoration. These are the mysteries of our faith, but John, Chapter 6, verses 53-57, say it all. This is not something, we as Christians, should debate on at this time, nor is it right to push our interpretations of Scripture on each other. But, I can tell all Catholics, that if you truly go to Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration and show Him your heart of LOVE for Him, you will begin to feel His graces and begin to see a change in yourself. I know this can be done anywhere, but the message I want to tell today is what Our Lord is putting on my heart to write at this moment. Go to Eucharistic Adoration and spend time with Him! Tell Him you LOVE Him, and you surrender to His Sacred Heart. Then tell HIM you want to be transformed into His image. If you have not gone to confession, go to confession first. Our Lord hears all prayers, but is not inclined to answer prayers if you have a mortal sin on your soul. Here are some good videos on the Blessed Sacrament of Our Lord. Also,

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