The Poles are Shifting.

Updated information from Pastor Paul Begley’s show last night showed a new report of the Magnetic Poles actually shifting and it even has scientists alarmed. This is something that has been prophesied by Jesus to Luz de Maria and others. I am posting today both the prophecy from Jesus to Luz de Maria on February 1, 2019, and Pastor Paul Begley’s show from last night. I try to keep everyone reading this blog apprised of any important changes so that you stay aware of how close we are to getting to more cataclysmic events. As we study what the prophets tell us and then see it come to fruition, it helps identify the testing of the prophets. Pastor Paul Begley does a wonderful job of updating us on the scientific updates and keeps us informed. Then, I take a prophecy from one of the prophets of the Prophets and Bloggers page and compare the prophecy to the events. Also, does a wonderful job of listing all of the Catholic Prophets with more information.

First, I will post the prophecy from Jesus to Luz de Maria on February 1, 2019. Our Lord tells us that the magnetic poles are shifting and as the chaos from the weather events gets worse, instead of repenting to Our Lord, men will get desperate and leave God. Our Lord reminds us that we have to be transformed spiritually towards Him so that we don’t lose our hope and trust in Him. The heavenly body Jesus tells us about, I believe is Planet X and it’s debris. We will experience severe climatic changes and this will also cause famine. Also, as our magnetosphere breaks down, we will not be protected against the solar energy waves that continue to hit the earth and cause the earth’s core to heat up. This in turn, will cause the volcanoes to start erupting. Eventually, the poles will finish flipping, and eventually we will also have an axis shift. I mentioned, as well as Pastor Paul Begley has also said, that this meets Isaiah, Chapter 13, and 24. Pastor Paul has some wonderful videos on the entire book of Isaiah, if you want to learn more about how it meets end times.

Mike from Around the World will be on this Thursday and I will update more information on the pole shifts after I listen to it. I post all of these prophets and messengers so that you can also do your own research and discernment from the Holy Spirit. If you have not started to store up canned food and water in your homes, please do so now. Faith and Trust in Jesus is what is going to keep us going through everything that is coming, but Jesus has already told us through several prophets to store some food and water. Some prophets say 3 months, some say 1 years worth per person. Anything you store at this point is better than nothing.

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