Scripture Must Be Fulfilled!

As we start to see prophetic events unfold, it is important to keep the right frame of mind as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We have to constantly keep reminding ourselves that Jesus will not return until God’s Holy Word is fulfilled, (Matthew 24:6). The reason why it is important to remember this is because if things don’t go the way you believe Revelations is going to be played out, does not mean we are not in the end times. We are all studying God’s Word and praying for discernment, but sometimes, what we think we have discerned, may not be correct. Does this mean we are not listening to God? No, of course not. No one has perfect discernment except Jesus Christ. But, it is important that we all remain humble and to just keep praying that Our Lord shows us the truth.

That being said, it is important to put all events that take place into the proper context of Scripture in that all events will be fulfilled before Jesus returns. I understand from personal discernment from the Holy Spirit, that we are in the 35 year Chastisement prophesied by Mother Mary in Our Lady of LaSalette. However, the Holy Spirit has also shown me that we are in the labor pains of the gospel of Matthew, (Matthew 24:8). This also what Father Michel said and several Christians like Mena Lee Grebin. What is important on the post from Mena today is the fact that we know our President has been placed and groomed by God to fulfill God’s Word in Scripture. But, what is also important to remember, is that God has control of everything in this end time period and although we support our President, don’t be surprised if something occurs that will catch us by surprise.

Two things Mena said that grabbed my attention today that the Holy Spirit is showing us. The first is that she mentioned about her dream of the East Coast being flooded. Mena mentioned that in her dream, she did not see a storm outside or a Tsunami that caused the flooding that covers all of I-95 going up the East coast. However, she knows there is a judgement coming in that area that will cause devastating flooding on the whole East coast. She also recalled a dream where Jesus showed her a meteorite hitting the ocean and believes this could be the cause. What I would like to point out is that because this solar system, or Planet X, gets closer to our planet, it is causing the earth’s core to heat up, which in turn will cause the sea levels to rise. The sea levels rising could cause catastrophic flooding. In addition, there will be debris from this Planet X, that is carried in with it’s orbit, that will also hit the Earth. Mena never talks about any knowledge of Planet X, but she is revealing prophetic dreams, that line up with what Mike from Around the World, and Pastor Paul Begley has said about the debris that Planet X will bring in could be catastrophic. Not to mention Revelations, Chapter 8, verses 6-13. This is also what Our Lord showed Prophet John Leary, in that a Comet will hit the Atlantic ocean. So, with all of those different confirmations, I would expect this prophecy to be fulfilled.

The second observation I believe is from the Holy Spirit is what I was mentioning in the first paragraph of this post. I believe, Mena also mentions this, in that no one knows the exact events that will unfold except God. And Jesus told us in God’s Word that He will not return until all of these events take place first. So, even though we know our President is fighting the One World Order and doing good things for God right now, doesn’t mean that God will not use him to fulfill Revelations of everyone abandoning Israel in the end. This is why it is so important to not get angry at anyone in these trials we are getting ready to live. Because, ultimately Jesus is going to win and even though things will appear bleak for our country or other parts of the world, we have to stay positive and just roll with whatever God asks us to deal with. If we constantly are praying to Him for graces to be transformed into His image, and we are constantly seeking Him, we will be able to have peace no matter what happens. We have to remember these things and not be surprised when something unexpected occurs. Just continue to pray that we are following His Will daily and ask Him to prepare us to be His disciples.

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