Updated Information From Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World and Luz de Maria.

Before we move forward with information from Pastor Paul Begley, and Mike from Around the World, I want to share with you an older post from Luz de Maria that is very important because there is something that she said in 2017 that coincides with something that Father Michel had disclosed last week from God Our Father. http://www.jesusmariasite.org/jesus-the-threat-to-humanity-is-approaching-from-the-universe/. In this post from http://www.jesusmariasite.org., Luz de Maria explains from Jesus that evil men, that will be possessed by the Devil, will be roaming the streets to kill large numbers of people. If you look at item #12 on the notes from the conference with Father Michel and Prophet John Leary, you will see that Father Michel also spoke of demons coming out as the Volcanoes start erupting all over the world. In addition, Mike from Around the World on Pastor Paul Begley’s show mentions how as Planet X approaches closer to our planet, it will affect all creatures mentally. Men and animals will be reacting in an impaired mental state as the gravitational pull on our planet gets stronger. I mention all three of these because we have to get an understanding of how bad it is going to get when God tells us in scripture, it will be like the days of Noah. When people read Revelations, it is hard for them to picture the creatures and events that are mentioned, but as we approach the Tribulation and time of Great Distress, it is becoming clear through the prophets that we will witness horrific events and things that is hard for our brains to comprehend. But, we must have faith and trust in God that He is going to protect us as we are moved to a Refuge and while in the Refuge. That is why it is very important to listen to all of the prophets listed in this blog, because the Holy Spirit is guiding us on how to be prepared the best way we can, and the rest is in Our Lord’s hands.

If you look further down the warning from Jesus to Luz de Maria on the approaching second sun, there is a blue highlighted area that states learn more. If you click on this, it will move you into an explanation on crop circles from Angels about an approaching solar system that will cause catastrophic devastation. Because of the detail of the information, I have forwarded this to a friend that knows Pastor Paul Begley personally, and our hopes are that Mike from Around the World will be able to decipher the information. I believe this is Planet X and all of the debris that is within it’s own solar system. Remember that Planet X has also been called a binary system because it is a huge comet-like planet approximately 7 times the size of Earth and it has 7 exoplanets. Anyone else notice how God used the number 7 in this binary system to show completeness? If Planet X is the Great Comet of Chastisement, it will be used to wipe out all evil from the earth and transform it to the New Heaven and New Earth. So, it actually makes sense that Our Lord would use 7 in His creation of this cataclysmic binary system. If this crop circle explanation from the Angels is Planet X, then prayerfully we will have even more information on how to prepare.

Mike from around the world was on Pastor Paul Begley show on September 19, 2019. Mike From Around the World came on about the 31 minute mark on Pastor Paul’s show. Mike updated us on how the waves of energy coming in from Planet X are heating up the core of Earth and as the core gets hotter, it starts to set off volcanoes (Volcanism) and spontaneous forest fires. In addition, we are getting severe droughts in some areas and severe flooding in others. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wrMNsTu0jEM&t=2036s. What Mike explains is that the gravitational pull on all of the planets in our solar system is causing our axis to continue to tilt at a very slow pace. Our Magnetic poles are moving, but what will eventually happen is our actual North and South poles will reverse with a potential 35 to 40 degree axis shift. Our Earth already sits at a tilt to allow the seasons to change, but this is currently being affected and could cause extreme summers and extreme winters and no longer have spring and fall Seasons. The oceans are heating up, the sea levels are rising and this will also cause coastal flooding. The weather is getting worse and Mike said next year will be worse than this year as straight-line winds will continue to get worse with Hurricane force level winds. Mike also talked about the really big dormant volcanoes that are expected to begin blowing off this pressure that the core of the Earth keeps building up from these waves of energy coming from Planet X. Luz de Maria has already prophesied that Mount Etna and Mt. Vesuvius will cause severe devastation in Italy, which Mike also mentioned is coming. I will post the whole website for reference to all of the Warnings about Italy. http://www.jesusmariasite.org/luz-de-maria-messages-and-prophecies/.

What Pastor Paul asks Mike is how long will it take for our Scientists to see that this is not caused by climate changes due to human consumption and green house affects and an actual binary system entering into our solar system? Mike stated that he believed we will have catastrophic changes in our Earth before this happens. Pastor Paul also does a great job reminding people that this information is not to scare people because God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. But, to keep us informed because Our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to know the truth to be prepared not to be deceived. If the antichrist deceives us because we don’t know the truth, then we will be susceptible to making poor decisions and turning away from God. No Christian wants this to happen to any other Christian. We have to be informed so that we can come together and help each other.

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