Has the Schism Begun in the Catholic Church?

Since the beginning of Vatican II in 1959, there has been a slow decline of Catholics separating from the Catholic Church. Is the slow decline of Church attendance, confession attendance, and Catholics leaving our Church due to the introduction of the changes in Vatican II? Or is it the fact that we have many sexual abuse incidents of children by Priests in our Church who have fallen to temptation by the Devil? The answer is yes to all of the above. Remember, that Pope Leo XIII had his vision of the devil and Jesus in 1884 of the devil threatening to destroy the Catholic Church in a hundred years. Jesus granted this request because Jesus knows the devil can never do this to His True Church. Then in 1939, Bella Dodd testified that over a 1,000 priests were assisted in entering our Catholic Church as homosexuals, non-religious or atheists, in a subversion tactic to destroy Our Church. This was conducted by introducing communism and to completely change the mindset of all Catholics. To get the bigger picture that God wants us to see, you have to look at the chronological timeline of events and the prophetic warning that Our Mother Mary has shown us. Is it possible there were good intentions with the implementation of Vatican II? Yes, of course, however, the enemy has used those changes in a negative way and the communist infiltrators along with the freemasons have twisted it into something bad now. Vatican II was introduced in Our Catholic Church in 1959 and some of our customs became lax in receiving the HOLY body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. More lay people got involved in distributing the Eucharist during Mass and have removed the reverence and respect of Holy Orders that Priests have to hold the HOLY Body of Our Lord. God chose the Levites in the Old Testament for a reason to conduct all of the ceremonies dealing with sacrifice and altar duties. The same goes for our Priests today in that Jesus calls certain Men to these duties because of the Apostolic tradition of handing these duties down to people who are consecrated to God. This reverence for God has slowly deteriorated and people don’t understand that anymore because of these changes. And this is just one of the issues that have come about with these changes in the last 50 years. In addition, more Theologians began teaching at our Seminaries on how too much emphasis was placed on sin and that Angels really didn’t exist. Priests started leaving their vocational call for God in the Priesthood, and less men started entering into Priesthood.

We know that the enemy is trying to control Our Churches and World with the subversion and acceptance of sin. But, how is this taking place today? Propaganda in television shows, and books, such as Harry Potter, Spiritualism and practices of Yoga. In case you have never researched it, Yoga is the practice of a pagan ritual to a pagan goddess. Even if you don’t have ill intentions with Yoga, you are conducting a pagan ritual that goes against and does not recognize Our God. If you believe the Old Testament in that God was upset over a golden calf that was made by the Israelites in the desert, why wouldn’t you believe He is offended by an Old pagan ritual that you are conducting in Yoga? Even if you don’t believe in witchcraft when reading Harry Potter, you are reading a book that supports good spells and good witches that God warned us about in Deuteronomy 18:10. This propaganda comes in the form of celebrities and musicians teaching our kids pagan symbols and singing songs worshipping the devil. It comes in our schools, that try to remove prayer and the study of Christianity. It comes in the form of women fighting for women’s rights to murder their own children in their wombs! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rver8vjc04U. In this video, David Icke explains how our world and specifically, the elites or One World Order, uses preemptive programming to condition us into believing these things are normal.

We are in a Spiritual Battle that we don’t even comprehend because it has been so methodically planned and drawn out over the last century by the enemy. Our Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the Freemasons and the One World Order. We have many high ranking Bishops and Cardinals that are moving Our Church more away from God and into Humanism. Some of our Church leaders want to accept sin as okay and call it mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Not because we should be more understanding of the complexities of life as they want us to believe, but because it will be easier for the antichrist to step in when the world is in a horrific amount of moral decay, as in the days of Noah. This is the ultimate goal of the One World Order. As the Churches begin to decay in all denominations of Christianity, and Communism has infiltrated many World Governments, people will accept more sin as a way of life and be totally disillusioned that sin is okay, even with God. We are continually being conditioned to believe that abortion is good, gay marriage is good, one religion or no religion is good, one world government is good, one currency is good, technology and the microchip implant are good. This is what Isaiah was referring to when he said woe to those who call evil good and good evil, Isaiah 5 :20. This is the deception we are moving into, which will initiate the Tribulation period from God. In addition to the moral decay of our world and sin growing, we will have Planet X moving into our solar system causing catastrophic weather devastation on Earth. As the devastation grows, people will be so desperate for a savior, they will turn to anyone who appears to be helping the entire world.

So, has the Schism in our Catholic Church begun? Yes, it began in 1959 when we started changing our beliefs to suit the world instead of standing by our Church Doctors and Saints who kept God the center of their lives. Vatican II did not change any doctrine, but dealt with different practices, especially in liturgy. It is more than just customs and traditions changed. It is a mindset of mediocrity and allowances of sin as being okay because this is just the way the world is. It is a conditioning of our children into putting themselves before God and being ego centered instead of God centered. It is a methodically and painfully slow deterioration of beliefs and customs that honored and kept Our Lord in the Reverent and Holy Place that He deserves. The Schism has already begun and it will continue until you take a stand and start to see with your Spiritual Eyes what satan is slowly doing to pull souls away from God.

God will ultimately intervene in the end and His True Church that follows His Holy Word will not be overcome. Christians of all denominations will come together to protect and speak God’s Word in the Bible. The Holy Word of God can not be changed or altered, Deuteronomy 4:2, and Revelations 22: 18-19. This is something we all need to be aware of at any time during this 35 year chastisement. As we move closer and closer to the Tribulation period, we have to understand that the deception may be an attempt to alter God’s Holy Word. That is why you have to know your Bible and study it constantly. This is also why Jesus is so angry at Lukewarm souls, because they are indifferent to God’s Word and Commandments. Although they believe they are being Christian because they love others, but they are not because they are not following God’s Word or Laws. You have to love your brothers and sisters enough to tell them the truth in that you can’t separate God’s Commandments from sin. That is why He gave us His Holy Word to adhere to His Laws, and not to allow His Mercy to replace it. His Mercy is in forgiveness of sin, not to overlook it. If you are not researching these Scripture passages I have listed in all of these posts, please go back and read all of them. Remember, that this is part of our transformation and we have to read His Holy Word to be a good Disciple for Him.

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