How Do Marian and Saint Prophecies and Scripture tie in with the current historic weather phenomena and economic events that are occurring now?

I have given you a chronological time line of the warnings we have received from various Saints and Our Mother Mary on the slow corruption of our society and how the enemy has slowly decayed our world because of sin. Now, I am going to explain to you what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown many others and me of how God Our Father is going to allow the Chastisements to bring our world into the coming Tribulation and Era of Peace. In the last post, we covered the apparitions of Our Lady at Emmitsburg. In these messages from Our Mother, she spoke of natural disasters increasing and animals dying all over the world, most specifically fish. Our Mother also warned Gianna Sullivan of the increase in Mega Mergers of Banks and Corporate Institutions, A Cashless society around the world, forces of power restricting our freedom around the world, and Philanthropists exerting their monetary influence on world power that will affect the economy. Wow, Gianna Sullivan has received messages on everything that has already happened or is happening now!

The Illuminati, otherwise known as the One World Order, New World Order, or Elites is the biggest deception in our world governments today. The One World Order is a secret society that started out as Freemasons and has morphed into a huge world power that has everyone believing that they are just a made up conspiracy theory. This humanistic, man is his own god, ideology is a real concept adopted by some of the wealthiest people in the world. A secret society whose ultimate goals are a One World Government, One Currency, and One Religion without God. They have Luciferian beliefs in the depopulation of the entire world from billions to millions or less to save on natural resources. This video by Jan Markell is the best explained presentation of how this ideology of a One World Government was initiated. Although the information she discusses about our Pope is disparaging, we have to continue to pray for our Pope, and understand that we have no control on what is happening in our church. I have realized with the help of the Holy Spirit, everything that is occurring is still being allowed and controlled by God and we just have to keep praying for the truth to be revealed. We, as the elect, have to continue to pray for the truth and what Our Lord’s Will is for us in these times. Also, Prophet John Leary explains this in his video about the End Times, Part Two.

If you notice in Jan Markell’s presentation, she talks about the corruption of the children, which is exactly what Our Mother warned us about in the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success. This presentation by Markell does an excellent job of showing us how the One World Order is trying to push us towards the coming of the antichrist. Like Markell said, who knows if all the people involved in this push, including the Pope, knows if they are moving us towards this One World Government. Some of these people could be doing these things with good intentions, however, we know the spiritual battle of the enemy and how the enemy is using every resource possible to move us into this direction. So, no point in getting angry at any particular person or group, and just start praying to Jesus on what He wants us to do to serve Him. If we are going to serve Jesus, we have to pray for His graces to be able to love all of His children enough to get past the anger and save souls before it is too late.

Next, we will address the increased weather phenomena we are having all over the world that Our Mother Mary warned us about in Our Lady of Emmitsburg. Carlos Ferrada was a Chliean Astonomer that discovered a “Comet – Planet” in the 1940s through his research that he named Hercolubus. He discovered that this Planet that looks like a Comet, because it’s tail that has red space radiation charged debris. He claimed this binary system is coming into our solar system and will cause devastating effects on our planet.

What does this have to do with Mother Mary’s prophecies? I believe the Holy Spirit is telling us that Hercolubus or Planet X is the great Chastisement Our Mother has been warning us about! If you have ever studied Mother Mary’s prophecies in great detail, and compare it to Revelations in the Bible, it seems that the Chastisement she is referring to is probably one of the stars or asteroids that hit the earth in Revelations, 8 : 5 -12. But, what the Holy Spirit has shown me and others is that God is bringing this Comet-Planet into our Solar system to cause all of these devastating events in Revelations all the way through God’s wrath to wipe out the evil and save the elect! If this sounds too far fetched to you, keep reading. I have many things that the Holy Spirit has shown us as this being the truth. There are many novice astronomers and Christians looking for this Planet X, but what is even harder to believe is that the Elites, or the One World Order has known about this bianary system coming into our solar system for a while and are preparing for its devastating effects on our planet Earth. Why, you ask? Because they have the goal of depopulating the earth from billions of people to millions of people and what better way than to not tell the world about an unknown binary system that will wipe out most of the human population for them. Ex Special Forces, and now Investigator, John Moore discovered this fact many years ago and is traveling around our country trying to prepare as many people as possible who will listen. John Moore also said that if our governments do announce this, it might cause so much terror, that everyone will push to move off all coastal areas halting commerce and interrupting the global economy., also

Now, I know some of these videos are long, but as I said before, you have to look at the big picture and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Pastor Paul Begley has done an excellent job of doing this by getting people on his End Times Prophecy show that not only stay up with current events in Bible prophecy, but also on what the effects of Planet X is currently doing to our planet Earth. Pastor Paul has on his show a Christian, who calls himself, Mike from around the World. Mike has been studying Planet X for many years and has compared it to Revelations and Scripture and has predicted the weather phenomena that is occurring right now. In fact, Pastor Paul Begley has even been able to identify Scripture with this Planet X that will possibly cause a magnetic pole shift, a crustal shift, and an Axis shift. This means that the devastation will be so tremendous that it will cause geographical changes around the world! Read Isaiah 13:13, Isaiah 24: 1, and Isaiah 24:20.

In fact, all of the Christians I have posted on this blog all have one thing in common, and that is that they are all prophesying the same thing! They may not all be in the same exact words, because Our Lord speaks to each differently, but they are all pointing to end times, and Revelations and they all line up with Mother Mary’s Prophecies on the great Chastisement that she has been warning us about. Most specifically, this message that Gianna Sullivan got from Mother Mary in the 1990s. Our Mother said that even our governments and Church authorities know of this star’s aligning and its implications upon you! This is the same thing that John Moore said about Planet X in his investigations and research. Mother Mary said approximately 50 to 70 percent of the Earth’s population will cease to exist and 60 percent of those that will survive will die of disease and starvation. Again, if this is the first time you have read this, please don’t be afraid because Our Mother also said prayers can mitigate these events. God Our Father is merciful, but what He is trying to do is wake us up from our Spiritual slumber and repent! Our World has turned away from Him and if He doesn’t allow these events to happen, then we, His children, would end up destroying ourselves and all of His creation on this planet. By allowing Planet X, or the binary system to enter into our solar system and cause these catastrophic weather events, some people will turn back to Him!

If the One World Order knows about this Planet X and are preparing, how does this tie in with Revelations you ask? Because as we go through these thirty five years of chastisements that Our Mother has warned us about in La Salette, the angels will be busy separating the sheep from the goats and this will form the elect that is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life in Revelations. Myself and many others in our Marian prayer group felt compelled to get this message out to those who search for the truth. If you work on your own repentance and transformation into a child of God, not only are you asking Jesus to come into your life for your own salvation, but you could serve Jesus in these times for the salvation of all souls. When I get done telling you all that we currently know that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us, then we can talk about how we can serve Jesus and help Him save souls in these end times. There is still a plan that Our Lord will have for us after we get through the tribulation and I will explain that on the next post. This is where the modern day prophets that I have posted on the prophet and blogger page have been told by Our Lord that we will be led to a refuge.

2 Replies to “How Do Marian and Saint Prophecies and Scripture tie in with the current historic weather phenomena and economic events that are occurring now?”

  1. I believe everything that is being said ,I have read many books from John Leary.But what I don’t understand is how can the President of the United States make up stories and lie to the American people .I understand that is a line between good and evil ,is the President the lesser evil.I know the Democrats have evil intentions. Promoting abortions, same sex marriage and all evil abominations. We have angered god in so many ways. But the United States every country looks to them for everything how is that right.I am a confused Catholic.


    1. Hi Georgiana, Yes, I believe Mother Miriam said it best on her LifeSite News radio podcast. We put our Faith in God and His Laws and Commandments and we vote for the platform that best fits within the Laws and Commandments we follow as Christians. There may be many things that we don’t agree with for each person that runs for the platform we are voting for, but that is out of our control. Personally, it appears to us that God will be ushering in the Tribulation regardless of what happens in the election because sin is abounding right now and getting worse by the day. If the election is not cancelled due to a catastrophic event, then we must vote for the Republican party because they are against all of the things God hates as sin. If our current President wins the election, then don’t be surprised if we still have chaos all around us, because unless God decides to change things, we are getting ready to enter into the Tribulation because of sin and iniquity everywhere in the world, and God has had enough according to the Prophets. Our Faith is in Our Lord and His Divine Will, not in a man. God Bless, don’t worry, Our Lord is in control, we just have to make sure we are obedient to Him and Love Him enough to follow His Commandments.


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