Let’s Get Started

Okay, now that I have shared with you my goals for Jesus, lets get started on how we can be transformed together. I have already suggested that you get a Bible and start reading scripture. For those of you Christians who are well advanced on your transformation, this may be a little boring, but the point of this blog, is the salvation of souls right? So, once you ask Jesus into your heart and you start reading His word, and you surrender, then you need to go back to Church. I don’t need Church you say? Wrong. Jesus is the Church and He and God Our Father told us to go to Church. It is one of the commandments to keep the sabbath. Remember, that as we surrender to our Lord, we are asking Him to transform us into His image and to be the best child of God we can be. For us Catholics, it is a sin not to go to church. Do we have problems with some individuals in our Church? Yes, we do, but that is because of their fall to temptation from the enemy. That is not God’s fault. Please don’t blame the whole Church for sin that individuals have conducted. There are many, many priests, pastors, and ministers who are servants of God, that have so much to teach us. Find the right Church that is teaching you from God’s word, the Bible. If any Church, whether Catholic or non-Catholic is teaching anything that is contradictory to God’s word, then stay away from that particular location, but find another that is teaching you God’s laws, commandments, and His love. His love is merciful, but sin is sin. We have to leave sin to be transformed. We can’t keep sinning and think God is going to turn a blind eye. That is why we have the Bible to guide us.

No matter what century we live in, God’s word never changes. He is all love and mercy, but He is also the just judge. He didn’t die on the cross for our sins, so we can keep sinning over and over. He died for us so we can be redeemed from our sins. Then we have to work towards a transformation to move away from sin. Does this take work? Of course it does, but that is why He gives us the graces to be transformed. I have witnessed this in my own transformation and I continue to try and stop sinning. So, there are many people in Church that can help us with this, and there are many graces God gives us in the Holy Mass and the Eucharist. Now, I know this is a touchy subject for non-Catholics, but I am here to say that I have experienced at least four different times, the presence of Our Lord after receiving communion with Him in the Eucharist. So, if you are Catholic, and have left Church, you are missing the graces from this beautiful sacrament. If you are Catholic, and receive communion, and have not gone to confession, you may never feel His presence after communion, because you are sinning against Our Lord. I did not get this myself until I surrendered to Him, and the Holy Spirit showed me the truth. Jesus is part of the Blessed Trinity, therefore is Divine. How can we take His beautiful body into ours to transform us if we have not asked Him to forgive us in confession? I confess my sins daily outside of confession, and I go to confession. I know Non-Catholics confess their sins daily also because when we, Christians, work on our relationship with Our Lord and our own personal transformation, we begin to love Him so much, that we don’t want to offend Him. That is the love He puts in our hearts through His mercy and grace. Again, the Holy Spirit does all of the work, but we have to put forth the effort. Eventually, I will talk about how Our Lord showed me we are in the end times, but right now, we have to get the basics down on our relationship with the blessed Trinity.

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