Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada for Sunday, June 21, 2020. Happy Father’s Day! Thank You God Our Father For Loving Us So Much That You Sacrificed Your Son For Our Salvation! Also, More End Time Prophecies From Vassula Ryden.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Happy Father’s Day and blessings to all of the Father’s out there that stand as the Patriarch of Our Families and keep us within the folds of God’s Wings and His Remnant Church. The Holy Family with St. Joseph leading his family for protection from place to place under the guidance of the Holy Legions of Angels in the gospels is exactly what will happen very soon as we are led by Our Guardian Angels again to places of refuge and protection. All the Father’s in the World have to work on their Relationship with the Blessed Trinity, as did St. Joseph, to keep us all protected under the wings of Our Father in Heaven, just like Psalm 91 describes. We all have to be able to hear God’s voice and that inner locution of calling us to His places of Refuge, but the Father’s of family’s will have a special role of leading their families to these places of safety. Thank you to all of the Dad’s out there that stand for Jesus Christ and His righteousness and will keep us guided under the Heavenly Father’s wings of safety.

Here is Holy Sunday Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. For those that still can’t go to Holy Mass in person. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I5nCjwmB_I.

Also, here are some more end time prophetic messages written by Vassula Ryden starting from 1988 through 2016. This person that is reading these prophetic messages, Niels Christian Hvidt, has put together many of her end time messages and is reading them to the viewer, but there are some very powerful prayers he has written out by Vassula from God Our Father. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=vassual+ryden&docid=607992937354954678&mid=6BE00FDA77212120D9B76BE00FDA77212120D9B7&view=detail&FORM=VIRE.

In Vassula’s messages that are read out loud in this video, the reader is comparing the Covid-19 Pandemic to the atmospheric explosion that Jesus warned Vassula about in 2016 that will cause fires everywhere and massive heat. For us in this blog, we believe Jesus is referencing what the binary system is going to do as it approaches closer to the Earth and this is an example of that atmospheric pressure and heat that Mike From Around the World is always referencing when he is explaining the waves of energy and radiation build up in the Earth’s core. Vassula also mentions one last Great Warning before Jesus Returns and We in this blog, believe this is the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience that she is referencing in her message from Jesus Our Lord. So again, it is evident that the Holy Spirit has guided us to Vassula for a reason and her prophetic messages that she has been receiving for a very long time.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

A Mission We Have For Jesus That We Understand! An Illumination of Conscience explained by Prophet Vassula Ryden and that we are in the New Pentecost Already!

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. I am sure I am way behind on knowing who this Disciple is for Jesus Christ that has been getting Prophetic messages since 1985, but I wanted to make sure and put her testimony in the blog because it is a testimony that I can also relate to in a profound way. When I listened to her testimony, right away I knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to post it because it is very similar to how I also came to Serve Jesus, but not in a way of receiving prophetic messages as she receives. My personal encounter with Jesus was more limited in His few locutions to me, but it was just enough to know that He Loved me, and I needed to get busy in unifying His Church because the Chastisements had already begun and we would soon be moving into His Era of Peace. Vassula had an even bigger mission for Jesus in writing His Prophetic Messages since 1985 and going around the world speaking on unification of all Christians through the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is also the message of Our Blessed Mother through the visionaries in Medjugorje and that Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph in the assistance for the Salvation of all Souls. Why has God put the message of unification of all Christians on our hearts? Because at Pentecost, which has already begun Vassula explains, we come together as the Apostles did to bring souls to Jesus Christ before more souls are lost forever.

Father Michel Rodrigue explained that the Second Pentecost will occur after the Warning, but we do agree that the Holy Spirit is working through many Christians right now to wake souls up who are spiritually asleep so that they can begin a Relationship with Jesus before it is too late and He returns as the just Judge. Here is a video by Vassula explaining her encounter with God in 1985 and her Illumination of Conscience that she personally had, and the purification she had to go through to Serve Jesus and become a Disciple of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdTfwIkhCVw. It is important to understand that Vassula is from the Greek Orthodox Church, and once again proves that God chooses His Prophets and that is why we stress in this blog that we can not judge who God decides He wants to spread His messages, but we must look at the fruit that the prophet brings for the Glory of God. This is always the case, and we have to stop believing we have all the answers and turn to the same messages that God has spoken to His Prophets and Our Blessed Mother all over the world for many, many years now. God is consistently saying Repent, Turn to Him in a Relationship and be Transformed, so that you know by His Grace what Sin is, turn away from it, and Love others before He returns as the just judge.

Notice in Vassula’s testimony, when she went through the Illumination of Conscience, she saw her soul in total darkness, because she did not know God. She couldn’t even comprehend the importance of being in God’s presence or the words of Him saying “I Love You”. This is because her soul was Spiritually asleep and distanced from God, and she felt shame for the sins and offenses she committed against Him. When Her Guardian Angel asked her to read a Bible, she couldn’t comprehend the message of God’s Words and she began to sob and grieve because she understood the seriousness and graveness of her distance from God. Her Guardian Angel showed her for 3 weeks, which was her own purification, all the sins she had committed and how she offended God. It wasn’t until she went through the purification of her soul that when God Our Father spoke to her, she knew she belonged to Him and she understood the meaning of His Love! We will all be going through this Illumination of Conscience with Jesus at the Warning, and we must understand now, as His Disciples, the importance of what will be happening to everyone’s soul and how everyone will need guidance that doesn’t know God or have a Relationship with Him. This will be our biggest mission for Jesus to console these souls and get them to Confession and Baptism at Church, if they have not been Baptized.

Vassula’s testimony is beautiful and it spoke to my heart because this is also the message He has put on my heart and prayerfully the message that we have conveyed to you in this blog. Although I have only received a few locutions from Our Lord Jesus Christ, it was enough to set me on fire with the Holy Spirit to Serve Jesus and spread the message that He is returning soon and we have little time left to assist Him with the Salvation of Souls. Here is Vassula’s website, “True Life In God”, and her prophetic messages she has been writing since 1985. https://ww3.tlig.org/en/messages/1200/. She does mention in this message from Jesus that we are getting to an end of an era, and we must repent and turn back to God, because He is getting ready to correct His Church.

Lastly, here is a video that Vassula speaks on the New Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit has been working through many of God’s Children spreading the importance of a Relationship with Jesus and His end time message. We have listed many Prophets with very similar messages in this blog, and could not have included all of God’s Prophets, but only the ones that the Holy Spirit has guided us to write about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFbcdk02mGg. Her video here is inspirational in that although we may not see the fruits of our labor for the Salvation of Souls, if we just bring one soul to Jesus Christ, He is rejoicing! So, let this message sink into your hearts, and let’s get busy Serving Jesus now, anyway we can.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You!

Update! New Information with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the show, The Coming Apocalypse!

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ! We have conducted another review of the Pastor Paul Begley Show, The Coming Apocalypse, to ensure we stay up with current events of this binary system heading towards Planet Earth. There is no new information on dates of when the next wave of energy is coming in July or cloud of debris we have gotten from this show. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z51x0YtAyQ.

Pastor Paul and Mike started the show talking about the Solar Eclipse coming over Israel on June 21, 2020 with 6 hours of darkness going over the Holy Land. Mike said our circadian rhythm could be affected when the magnetosphere is affected and these solar eclipses do affect the magnetosphere. This solar eclipse will cover the entire middle east, north Africa and parts of Asia. Mike stated the rotation of the planet is critical to our well being, and right now, people are starting to feel these symptoms already because of the disruption of our magnetosphere. Mike also said these symptoms could increase with the aligning of the planets and also the inbound waves of energy. Mike also stated that the next wave of energy is strange because half of this incoming wave has the potential to cancel out some of the magnetosphere in July as it passes the Earth, and this will also exacerbate some of the violence that we are experiencing right now.

Mike believes a portal was opened Spiritually in Area 51 and they can’t seem to get away from demonic activity in this area. Mike stated that aliens and demonic activity go hand and hand with the Nephilim, and there were several demonic ceremonies conducted over Area 51 before it was closed down by the government in the 1950s. Pastor Paul asked if Mike was going to discuss some of these things at the next Conference they will have on A.I, aliens and the antichrist webinar. Mike said that he would be able to discuss more freely about this information and not have to worry about any federal penalties that they used to cite people before they removed the restrictions. Mike stated that we are living in a time where we are actually going to start to see things that are very bizarre. But as Christians, the devil is not allowed to touch us because we are protected by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul asked if 5G was linked to any of this, and Mike stated yes, of course. But, 5G is not linked the way people think it is, but in a way that affects our brain waves. Mike stated that 2.4 gigahertz is the frequency of our bodies, and this 5G system does boost the frequency of our phones with a higher gigahertz and this can disrupt things very easily. Technology does interfere with our bodies, and Mike stated that he will discuss this more at the Conference.

Pastor Paul asked if there were still occult practices at that desert area underground by government agencies, and Mike stated, yes, always. Mike stated the government hires people to conduct many tests underground so that other countries are not aware of what they are doing. Mike stated that some of the Sumerian texts were studied more by the government and had newer findings of these texts and they did not share it. Mike stated that the Bible has to be used also as a historical document because many scientists do not want to use it because they are not Christian. Mike believes that they will be sharing this information soon that will cause doubt in people’s minds about Christianity and this is part of the beast system that will be revealed. Pastor Paul stated that Christians need to know this information so that they will not be deceived by the beast kingdom and think that Christianity should be thrown out. God said believe by Faith and by the Word of God, but Satan will try and prove otherwise with the coming beast system, and if people are not aware of what is coming or know God’s Word, then they will leave their Faith. Pastor Paul stated that the beast system is going to bring forth an ancient baseline that will be used to promote a new concept for a new religion.

Mike stated that one of the greatest deceptions of all time is for people to believe what other people say. Mike stated that someone was paying money to get activists to penetrate these protests and when you know this, it nullifies the cause. There can be genuine causes that people feel compelled to fight for, but when it is influenced by Satan, then it changes the emotions of the people who were wanting to keep a peaceful protest. Mike stated that the Elites in the Bilderberg group are organizing these events and paying these people to show up at these protests to cause disharmony. Mike also stated that these groups are even waiting on celestial events to happen so that people’s mental states are disrupted to cause more anger and violence. Mike stated that Christians are falling away left and right because Satan wants to use hate to pull people away from God and as Christians, we can not succumb to hate. Mike also stated that we can’t agree to these tactics, because Satan has pre-planned this many years ago and has influenced certain people to carry out his plan. Pastor Paul stated that they are not dooms-day preachers, but just telling the Truth of the Scriptures and informing people, especially Christians, so that no one is deceived. Pastor Paul stated we have to understand this ancient alien plan they will attempt to reveal and how it is linked to demonic activity.

Pastor Paul asked if we have a concern with a threatening war soon, and Mike stated yes, there is a war threat out there with Iran and North Korea. Mike stated that Kim Jung-un’s sister is ruthless and would not hesitate to send out a chemical weapon on her own people. Mike stated that he believed that she is talking to Iran on the underground channels and we need to be cautious to what is happening in alliances. Mike also believes that there are people trying to instigate a civil war in the United States to keep us pre-occupied with our army being used to keep peace internally, instead of focusing on the out-side threat. Mike stated he would be back next week, on June 25, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You.

New Prophetic Messages from John Leary! Also, Two Videos from Father Mark Goring on Our Guardian Angels and Getting Ready for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Lastly, God’s Word’s of Encouragement in the Scriptures!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We want to encourage all Disciples of Jesus Christ at this time because we all need the renewed strength of the Blessed Trinity to become a stronger Disciple for Our Lord Jesus. So, let’s reflect on God’s Word to bring us encouragement today as we witness the intensity of the labor pains all over the world. What is really sad about all of this is the fact that there are many people still in denial of the times we are in and it breaks our hearts to know that the Heavenly Kingdom is pleading with everyone to see what is happening and repent of sins to lessen the severity of the Chastisements that will continue to come. Here are some Scriptures to reflect upon before we go over some new messages to John Leary from Jesus Christ Our Lord. John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Isaiah 41:10, “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will hold up thee with the right hand of my righteousness”

Phil 2:1-5, “If there is any encouragement in Christ, any solace in love, any participation in the Spirit, any compassion and mercy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, with the same love, united in heart, thinking one thing. Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves, each looking out not for his own interests, but also everyone for those of others. Have among yourselves the same attitude that is also yours in Christ Jesus.”

Phil 4:4-7, Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again; rejoice! Your kindness should be shown to all. The Lord is near. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanks giving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

So, what Our Lord is saying through His Prophets and Apostles here is that we have to give everyday over to the Lord and pray for His Peace to enter our hearts. Then we have to go out and share with others that Peace He has given us with one mind and likeness of Jesus Our Lord. We can’t allow ourselves to get angry because that is what the devil wants to create more violence. This is something we have to pray for daily because it will only be God’s peace that will help us get through this and draw others to the Love we share about Our Lord to bring them to His Sacred Heart. Here are John Leary’s latest messages, http://johnleary.com/. Here is a specific message from June 13, 2020,

Saturday, June 13, 2020

June 16, 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2020: (St Anthony of Padua)
Jesus said: “My people of America, you are seeing a punishment coming upon America for all of your abortions that have been an essential business. You have seen the first wave of the corona virus followed by the riots and looting by Black Lives Matters and Antifa movements. You will see an even worse virus in the fall that will kill many people. It will be when the lives of My faithful are in danger, that I will call them to the safety of My refuges. This next virus could destroy your economy. At a certain point you will see a nuclear war take place that could destroy several of your cities. My faithful will be protected at My refuges. The tribulation will start when the Antichrist declares himself. At the end of the tribulation I will bring My victory, and all the evil ones will be cast into hell. My faithful will then be brought into My Era of Peace as their reward for being faithful to Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are continuing to see more riots, looting, and arson by people like Antifa that are causing the violence. You need your police for law and order, but bad things happen when police are threatened by individuals with weapons. The people, who are causing the riots and looting need to be stopped, or your businesses will leave the cities. You need to have order, or you will not have freedoms with mob violence. The radical and violent left are using violent protests to try and gain control over the police. Defunding the police is a communist tactic in an attempt to take over your government. If this chaos is not reigned in, you could see a civil war. Pray for peace and a stop to all the violence.”

What is new here is the fact that Our Lord stated that a nuclear war will come at a certain point that could destroy several cities. It appears to us that a threat from North Korea is starting to become more of a realization, especially with Kim Jong-un’s sister that appears to be running the country now. It is still speculated that the person that is appearing as Kim Jong-un, is not really him, but possibly a look alike. This is also just putting the pieces of the puzzle together on the Kim Clement Prophecy that Elly Hancsak with Prolife For Mankind put together a few moths ago, that has already been taken down by Youtube. Kim Clement is deceased, but has had many prophecies fulfilled. It appears when things get a little too controversial or close to the truth with Youtube, they take the videos down, so that is why you will see posted videos in this blog, that have been removed by Youtube. Also, remember that Father Michel Rodrigue had a message from God Our Father that 7 cities in America will be destroyed because of egregious sin.

Lastly, here is a video by Father Mark Goring on calling on Our Guardian Angels for assistance and learning from them on how to gaze upon the glory of God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5OXK1W7k1A. Father Mark reminds us that when we gaze upon God daily, we are learning from the angels of the Heavenly peace that we must strive for in our lives. Let us all continue to gaze upon our God, because we Love Him, and need His Peace in our lives. Just added later this morning, a New Video by Father Mark Goring referencing Our Blessed Mother telling us that Humanity is hanging by a thread! Father Mark said, “Get Ready for The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rdi5d9deens.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

Fireballs Continue to Descend From the Heavens All Over the World! Also, Elly Hancsak and her videos and dreams on fire from the Heavens and the 3rd Fatima Secret!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We continue to anticipate what is coming from the waves of energy and clouds of debris that both continue to rain down on our planet Earth. We have been listening to Mike From Around The World and Pastor Paul Begley on the show, The Coming Apocalypse. Mike has been giving us updates on both of these separate, but most likely linked, space phenomena of waves of energy with radiation that are affecting our magnetosphere and the Earth’s core, and a suspected million mile wide cloud of debris in space that our planet is appearing to go through at this time. It is believed that both of these events are linked to a binary system that is moving into our solar system that many have called Planet X, or Hercolubus, but what we suspect to be TRAPPIST-1, that is a mini solar system supposedly lightyears away. Since we started this blog in August, 2019, we knew Our Lord wanted to get all of His Children ready for what is coming both Spiritually and Physically, but also to assist in the Salvation of Souls.

As we have prayed to the Holy Spirit for Truth, He has shown us many Prophets that are revealing to us what God wants us to know, but also why God is returning so soon to save His Children and His Planet. Because God is infinite and multi-dimensional, it should be to no surprise that His plan to renew the Heaven and Earth is also multi-dimensional. Of course, this started with the world’s departure from His Covenant and the world growing in sin, but what is hard for people to see is when God removed His hand of protection, the devil moved in and corrupted the minds of men, that are being deceived by Satan. This includes secret societies on the most highest levels of Freemasonry, and the Wealthiest of the Elites that meet in places such as the Bilderberg meetings in Montreux, Switzerland. Why do people believe they have the right to play God is beyond our comprehension, but of course a One World Religion will not involve Jesus Christ, who is the Son of the only Living God. But because we have the Holy Spirit guiding us, this is what He has shown us of where we are today and why so many of His Children are being shown the same information. So, we have both the Elites trying to control and depopulate the World and moving us into a one World Government, Religion and Currency, and at the same time, we have this binary system moving into our solar system that wreaks havoc on the Earth every 3,600 to 4,200 years. However this time around, God is going to use it to come between the Earth and our Sun to wreak even more havoc that will ultimately renew Heaven and Earth, instead of it’s normal elliptical path around the outside of the Sun. This is not something we knew back in August 2019, but have followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by taking this information from the Prophets in this blog, such as Pedro Regis, Gianna Sullivan, and Our Blessed Mother and comparing it to the events unfolding in front of our eyes. This is what we feel the Holy Spirit has shown us, but we are not prophets. We are simply God’s Children searching for the Truth and asking Jesus how we can Serve Him to bring Souls back to Him.

We have also been listening to Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World because they are Christian and also are searching for the Truth of this binary system. Mike has been speaking on incoming waves of energy that continue to affect Earth and our Sun and also most recently, a million mile wide debris cloud that we have entered that continue to bring different sizes of rocks on fire that are beginning to hit the Earth. If you have been following this blog consistently, you will notice that we listen to Pastor Paul Begley’s show weekly to stay up to date on this debris cloud and this binary system. Last week, Mike spoke about how these meteors of arsenic and metal will continue to hit our atmosphere and instead of being burned up, will eventually start hitting the Earth causing many fires everywhere. Here is a video by Skywatch Media News, who has also been following the phenomena in space that has been occurring for several years now. Although, the person that creates Skywatch Media News may be secular, he still is very good at following scientific data available and current events. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIpb3e-VVxg&feature=emb_rel_pause. In this video, it is evident that more fireballs, asteroids, and meteors are coming closer to Earth. It also supports the most recent messages to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother we posted yesterday.

Next, we are going to post some videos by Elly Hancsak with Prolife for Mankind that also mention fireballs falling from the sky and how she also believes this has something to do with second part of the 3rd Fatima Secret, which is what we also believe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxQx5T_3CUc. Notice, how Elly points out that the 3rd Secret of Fatima from Sister Lucia’s description has to do with the Book of Revelation, Chapters 8 through 13. Chapters 8 and 9 deal with items falling from heaven and hitting the Earth, which also includes a star. See these chapters listed here, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+8-9&version=NIV. Remember, that in the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917 in front of 70,000 witnesses, it appeared to them that the Sun was falling directly on top of them and they fell cowering to the ground, then the Sun went back to it’s normal position.

Next, is a video by Elly from 2014 that details a dream she had in May 2013 on a Tsunami that hit a coastal city and wiped out most of the city. She could not identify what city was in her dream, but she posted a video with Rick Joyner and a few other modern day prophets on similar dreams and visions they received from Our Lord on coastal cities being wiped out by waves of water. The post that we did on the tidal waves and Tsunami waves wiping coastal cities in this blog is titled, “Purification with Water”. Here is Elly’s video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8_1SlZTa_o. It is important to see that even then in 2014, Rick Joyner was speaking about it being the time of the Harvest and Psalm 91. The second part of Elly’s video, she posted about a child having a dream that described a large man falling out of the sky and became a ball of fire as he hit the Earth. This man appeared as “evil” and dressed in warrior type armor. The child stated that the sky was orange or amber color, and as soon as the fire ball hit the ground, fear covered the entire Earth. In this dream from this child, it sounded like to us in this blog, that the family ended up meeting at one home or place of refuge, because they all were prepared with emergency food buckets. Please review the post we have in this blog on preparing your home as an Interim Refuge.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

New Messages Given to Luz De Maria from June 7, 2020. Also, all of the Prophetic messages given to Luz De Maria on the Warning or Illumination of Conscience! Also, videos from Charles from Watchdog of Truth and Light of Mary on How We Can Serve Jesus.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We pray that everyone is remaining healthy and protected by the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that we are able to go to Church now and receive the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, while we still can. We pray that everyone is saying their prayers daily and seeking the Truth from the Holy Spirit and praying for Intercession from Our Blessed Mother Mary. We pray that everyone is waking up everyday thanking Our Lord for another blessed day to Serve Him and telling Him how much We Love Him. We also pray that we are all asking God to give Us the graces to be obedient to His Will and how we can prepare to Serve Him in the end times. As we get closer to the Warning occurring, it is good to review the messages that Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother have given to Luz De Maria to prepare His Disciples and Her Marian Army. We will list the most recent message given on June 7, 2020, then we will post all of the messages that have been put together by the Revelaciones Marianas website. Here is the message dated for June 7, 2020. https://www.revelacionesmarianas.com/english.htm. Notice here that Our Blessed Mother is again warning us about remaining united in Faith to Our Lord Jesus Christ and She is also notifying us about the comets, asteroids, and meteorites that are coming to hit the Earth. “Beloved People of My Son, the Universe is in chaos, the force within the Universe has accelerated, causing meteors, meteorites and asteroids to approach the Earth, and changing the movement of various planets.”

We have talked about this extensively in this blog being a binary system or mini solar system of a brown dwarf star “Second Sun” and 7 exoplanets that we now believe is TRAPPIST-1. Many other astronomers have called this system Planet X or Hercolubus. For those that have just joined this blog, this is also the prophecy that Our Blessed Mother has given to Gianna Sullivan and Pedro Regis of Brazil. This binary mini solar system is bringing all of the Renewing of the Heaven and Earth that will occur that is described in the Books of Revelation, Isaiah, and Habakkuk 3:3-6, “His glory covered the heavens, and his praise filled the earth; his splendor spread like the light. He raised his horns high, he rejoiced on the day of his strength. Before him went pestilence, and plague followed in his steps. He stood and shook the earth; he looked and made the nations tremble. Ancient mountains were shattered, the age-old hills bowed low, age-old orbits collapsed.” We believe that as this binary system gets closer to our planet, it will affect other planets in our solar system as was told to Pedro Regis about Uranus and Mars being struck that we have also posted in this blog in his Prophecies from Our Blessed Mother. This matches what Our Blessed Mother is now telling Luz De Maria in the message above on “the force within the Universe has accelerated“, “and changing the movement of various planets” and also scripture in Habakkuk, “age-old orbits collapsed.” We suppose it doesn’t really matter how Our Lord decides how He will renew the Heaven and Earth to prepare it for the Era of Peace, but it is important to know that Our Blessed Mother has been giving us this information for a while now, and this also includes the undisclosed part of the 3rd Secret of Fatima.

Next, to prepare Us even further for the Warning that is coming soon, we are going to post again the messages given to Luz De Maria on the Warning that Revelaciones Marianas has put together so perfectly for us to review. https://www.revelacionesmarianas.com/en/warning.html. Notice, that these messages date all the way back to 2009, but do not include any of the recent messages this year.

Lastly, we are going to post two videos, one by Light of Mary and the other Watchdog of truth, that are both produced by Charles. Charles is serving Our Lord in these times also by posting the messages of Luz De Maria and notifying all Christians of what is happening in our times. The first video from Charles is him helping people on how to get the word out about more chastisements coming because of our sins. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=atrqYNS6jL0&t=8s. We suggest in this blog that we could do something similar, but to also add to it by telling others about the Warning coming soon and a description of the Warning. You can use the word document in this blog we have posted, or you could use your own description of the Warning. But, if we advise people now of the Warning, then when it occurs, they will be on fire also to serve Jesus for the Salvation of Souls after the Warning.

The second video is by Watchdog of truth, which is also produced by Charles, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CNXX-izYmOw&list=UU4f0FuznQjEg-aXZf4jZiJg&index=14&t=13s. In this video Charles is helping people understand the importance of helping others in these end times. We, as Disciples of Jesus Christ, know this, but it is important to put into action what we know God has prepared us for. We know we have to assist Jesus and Our Blessed Mother in the Salvation of Souls, but we have to do that not only Spiritually, but also in practical ways first, such as feeding and helping people during the famine that is coming very soon. This is also why we stress in this blog the importance of making your home an Interim Refuge for not only your family, but other people that God will be sending you during this time of distress. As Charles suggests, you do what you can financially, as far as buying groceries, and canned goods for others. But, this is something we should all be praying to Our Lord daily for guidance on how we can Serve Him. Service to Jesus as a Disciple comes in many forms and ways and is never limited to prayer alone and we learn this through the Beatitudes, and the Seven Corporal Works and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Please consider taking Charles’ advice and start preparing small bags of non-perishable food that can be given away and also put information about the Warning in it, and some Scripture, or something you have written that gives Glory to Jesus and spreads His gospel message.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

Happy Corpus Christi Sunday! Today We Celebrate Being Able to Receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Latest Messages From John Leary and Valentina Papagna.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. I let the day get away from me before sending out this post today to celebrate the Most Holy Eucharist. If you did not get a chance to celebrate the Most Holy Mass this Morning, here is the Mass celebrated at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada with Father Mark Goring, who talks about Eucharistic Miracles in his homily. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-_THQLf81U. We did get a chance to celebrate Holy Mass this morning and receive the body of Our Lord and what a blessing it is to be able to do that again! I am sorry for those that are still under restriction, and we will say prayers for those today, who still are not able to attend a Holy Mass in person due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Also, here are John Leary’s latest messages, http://www.johnleary.com/. Here is one from June 9, 2020.

June 10, 2020

Tuesday, June 9, 2020: (St. Ephrem)
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading Elijah (3 Kings 17:7-16) met a widow and her son, and she made a cake for Elijah. Elijah prayed over her flour and oil, and they did not go empty, as the three people were able to eat for a year during a famine. This is significant for My faithful at My refuges. I will multiply your food, water, and fuels, but you must have complete trust and faith in Me that I can do this for you. Every time you pray in faith, your food will not go empty either. This will be a blessing for all of My believers, so they will be able to survive throughout the tribulation of the Antichrist. In the Gospel I told My apostles (Matt 5:13-14) that they were the salt of the earth. The apostles were also the Light of the world in spreading My Gospel. This was the beginning of My Church when My apostles went out to all the nations to share My Word. So it is today with My disciples of the end times. You are also being sent out into the world to share My Word and bring converted souls to Me. You just received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, so you have His gifts to inspire you in carrying out your missions. You are truly the salt and Light to the world when you share My Gospel with the people. The people need to be converted into believers, so they are worthy of entering My refuges.”

Notice, Our Lord called His Remnant and Elect, the Disciples of The End Times and we are to be the light of the World spreading the gospel. We believe that the key to understanding how big our Role is in the period after the Warning is understanding that the Holy Spirit will be doing all of the work. We will just have to be the vessels that assist Jesus with getting these souls to Church for Confession and Baptism. We will all be on fire to Serve Jesus, and we will have the boldness we need to complete this mission. We just have to say “Yes” to Jesus and Surrender to Him now and tell Him we are ready to Serve Him.

Here are the latest message of Visionary Valentina Papagana, http://valentina-sydneyseer.com.au/vs/rrecent-messages/. The message below is from May 29, 2020.

America to Experience a Great Hurricane

It was about seven o’clock in the morning while I was praying, when the angel of the Lord came to me. The angel said, “I am the angel of the Lord. He has sent me to give you a message. Soon in America, they will experience the biggest hurricane, bigger than has ever happened before. The Coronavirus did not change the American people very much. Our Lord Jesus is very, sad about the way they behave. They do not realize that through prayer, they could achieve a lot of good things and peace. They do not realize that only through prayer and turning to God, this would help the American people.” “Tell the people of America to pray,” he said.

Lord, Jesus be merciful to America and let us hope and pray for the American people.

* * *

The angel remained present. Soon after, our Lord Jesus came as well, and explained the prophesy given to me by the angel. Lord Jesus was smiling when He said, “You see, I send you an angel to bring you My message. Angels are My Messengers, and I send them to earth. They are coming to earth all the time. They come to you, My child, and they are with you all the time, and they guide you everywhere you go, and they protect you.” Lord Jesus continued, “I wish that people would recognize and thank the angels for their protection, that I send them because now there are more of them on earth than ever before. Now they are coming to earth all the time to protect you all because you are now living in times where it is very dark in the world.”

He said, “Sin is number one, that makes all the darkness. The world is corrupted. All the events prophesied to come to the world, the signs in the weather, the hurricanes, are to awaken people to let them know that they must change. The prophecies now, they are being fulfilled. It will only get worse but do not be afraid because I Am ever so close to my faithful people, and I send a lot of My angels to protect you. Tell people to pray.” Lord Jesus said, “No matter what you see happening in the world now, the bad times you are going through, love everyone, and don’t hate anyone. You see many things that are not right and are not just. Still, forgive and love everyone.”

* * *

Our Lord is teaching us that as much as all these things, the injustice in the world and people not doing the right thing, bring us frustration and anger and even fear. Many people don’t do the right thing because they don’t understand.

When a person has anger, then the devil can enter that person. If you hate, you hold it in your chest, you build resentment, and then you spread negativity. In a group, someone will be angry, and in no time, everyone will become angry and unsettled. Anger makes you sick. It is amazing how our spirit gets down very quickly and how a person’s negative attitude can do a lot of damage. Lord Jesus does not want this for us.

In situations where there is frustration and anger with people, I say to our Lord, “I surrender to you, My Lord,” and I pray for the situation. When we come across people that are like this, we must be gentle with them, and encourage them, and say to them that things will get better. In this way, the person’s spirit then absorbs this goodness, which then uplifts their spirit. They start to feel better, and when there is love and peace, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother come. When the love and peace go round and round, they bring healing to the body, soul and spirit of the person.

Blessed Mother previously said that we must help one another through prayer. It is our duty to pray for one another and to be charitable to one another.

* * *

Today, Lord Jesus talked about the angels, His messengers, who come to protect us and to guide us. Lately, I can really feel the strong presence of a lot of angels around me. At times, their presence is so overwhelming. I would say, “It is just angels, angels, angels!” Even though they are invisible, I can feel them. They are around all the time. They wait for you and they respect your will. They do not push you. They are spirit beings. If I am walking, I can see their shadows beside me, as they walk along with me, and they will usually say to me, “It is two of us with you.” Sometimes the angels will tell me that there are more than two of them. They say to me, “We protect you always; don’t be afraid.” They walk with you. They can walk beside you, behind you or in front of you. Sometimes, I see their light glowing around me or I can see their light in the sky. I know they are present. The number of angels around a person depends on the State of Grace of that person. The more you are in a State of Grace, then you will feel a much stronger presence of angels around you. The more you are thinking of our Lord, His Passion, and Blessed Mother, or you are meditating on them, or praying, the more you will have that experience and joy that comes, when you know there is someone around you. However, where are person is committing sin then the angels move away from that person. At night, when I turn off the kitchen lights and walk towards my bedroom, suddenly, there is light all around me. I can see where I am going as if the angels are holding a torch. The angels are all glowing in light, and their light illuminates everything around them. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would wake up, and I would know they are present as I would see their light illuminate my bedroom. The other night I was in my bed, when I felt the feathers on the wings of one of the angels touch me, and brush against me. He must have been so close, that I could feel the feathers on his large wings pressing against me. Not expecting this and in that moment, not knowing what it was, I quickly reacted by brushing them off. Then I suddenly I realised I had touched the wings of the angel! Contritely I said to the angel, “Oh sorry! I don’t want to send you away. You better stay.” The angels have very, large wings. However, if you meet them personally like I have, in the shops on the street, they can appear as a normal person.

The Lord said, “They are always with you, and they never leave you. Even if you don’t see them, they are always there with you.” The angels are not only with me; our Lord sends them to everybody. The angels are always with us. They do not leave us. More angels are sent to earth now because of the persistence of evil. There are literally billions of angels that guide and protect us. Not many people think of them, to thank them, to ask them for something, or to invite them. Whatever you do, even when you sit in your car, invite them with you. Ask them to find you a parking spot, to go with you on the road, to protect you, so that you don’t harm someone, and so that no-one harms you. Even if you don’t call upon them, they are still present. The angels offer a lot of protection at this time and I can really feel it. Our Lord wants us to acknowledge them by thanking them for guiding and protecting us, and in this way, we stay close to our Lord.

Lord Jesus, we thank You and we praise You for sending us Your Holy Angels to protect and guide us, especially during these difficult times that we are living in right now.

Our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us that our Guardian Angels are here to protect us and guide us and we must call on them for assistance and thank them during this time of distress.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day. Jesus, We Trust in You.

Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the show, The Coming Apocalypse from June 11, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We have reviewed another show and interview with Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley. Here is what they spoke about on June 11, 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx9LH0yQ1ng. Pastor Paul and Mike spoke about the Waves of Energy that keep pummeling the earth one after another from space. Mike spoke about the high speed radiation that both the Earth and Our Sun keep absorbing. Mike stated that these waves of Energy are not only affecting both Our Sun and Our Earth, but also these thousands of Satellites that are in our orbit. Mike is concerned about the substance that is in these Satellites that is iridium that he has spoken about before on previous shows and that it is radioactive material that can cause serious damage to anyone that gets near it.

Pastor Paul asked about the looming war between countries that keeps rearing its ugly head and if it was something we should be concerned about. Mike stated that we definitely have a serious problem with all countries wanting to strike the United States when we are in a vulnerable position and that we are also currently in right now. Mike is concerned about the rebellious nature our country is in because of the ideologies that we are starting to develop that is causing a division. We are weakening our country by generating more division and we are dealing with an internal struggle of all people in uniform. Mike stated that there is not really an understanding between the parties that are protesting and those in positions to make changes and it is not something that can be resolved in a few days. Mike also stated that this type of change is coming at the wrong time that reflects more of our weakness as a country than as a strength for change. Pastor Paul and Mike talked about the Deep State and their agenda to coordinate efforts to make it look like our country is falling apart. Mike also stated that if you don’t act quickly on de-escalating these types of scenarios, then no matter what you do to try and fix something, you are going to look like the bad guy, because you are not giving into unreasonable demands that these ideologies are becoming. Mike stated that someone is going to have to take the fall to fix this situation before it gets more out of control. Mike stated that We Christians need to try and intercede in a good and loving way with prayer.

Pastor Paul asked Mike about the Waves of Energy and if we know anything more about the debris clouds that are coming and what is in them. Mike stated that this debris will have clumps of solid particles with a meteor storm of rock, iron, and arsenic. We will see an increase of auroras, extremes between hot and cold, then multiple fire issues. These objects will be metal based that will not totally burn up in the atmosphere and will hit the earth on fire. The intensity of these meteor storms will continue as we pass through this wave of debris cloud in space. There is a 190% chance that we will have to deal with this cloud with no chance of avoidance. The changes of people will be abrupt as people begin to deal with more stress and duress and fear of these meteorites falling. It will be surprising and hurtful for a lot of people that don’t have their Faith in God, and Jesus Christ Our Lord. (This is also what the visionary Luz De Maria has been trying to prepare us for with her prophetic messages on becoming more Spiritual, and less of the world, or of the flesh.) Pastor Paul stated that if we don’t have Jesus, we will most likely revert back to a primal mentality. Mike stated that in all situations coming, the problem will be how the people react to them instead of the actual situations themselves. Mike stated even the animals will begin to howl and act strangely because of the magnetic field and magnetosphere being affected. Mike stated at this time, we will be able to identify those that operate by flesh, and those that operate by Spirit. Pastor Paul asked about earthquake storms off the coast of California. Mike stated that we have coastlines that are actually starting to give way, and that California is having a water intrusion problem that is causing ground instabilities and he does suspect a sizeable earthquake in California in the next few weeks. Mike stated that there is a connection between California and Chile because of the continental plates and how they affect each other. If we see an earthquake in Chile, it will affect California and vise versa.

Pastor Paul talked about Dr. Fauci and the prediction of a second wave of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 and what does it all mean. Mike stated that the ultraviolet properties is what kills a virus, not the heat. Mike stated to stop a virus, you have to stop people from getting close to one another, and our problem is that people will not stay separated. It is not in our nature and people lose all caution if they don’t see any immediate illness or sickness around them and their family and friend circles. Mike stated the behavior of people will not change, and even the Centers of Disease Control are not in sync with other organizations on how people contract this virus. Pastor Paul stated that no one wants a forced vaccination and if he there is going to be a vaccine soon. Mike stated because he belongs to Christ he believes he will be okay if he has to get a vaccine because of his government position, but a trusted vaccine will not be out for another nine months to a year. Both Pastor Paul and Mike stated that if we Trust in the Lord, and have to take the vaccine because of our vocational positions, then we just have to have Faith that God is protecting us. (Note, We in this blog, have been shown many prophets with prophecies from Jesus that we have listed in this blog, that are saying not to take the vaccine right now. So, again, everything has to be taken back to Jesus in prayer, and we are not planning on getting the vaccine at this time, unless Jesus guides us otherwise.)

Pastor Paul stated that we need to pray for our leaders and asked Mike if he could come back again next Thursday night. Mike stated that yes, he will have plenty to talk about next week on June 18, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

The Cup of Iniquity is Filling Up Quickly! We Have Cursed Ourselves By Abandoning God and His Covenant. Now, We are Witnessing What Isaiah Prophesied to the Israelites and the Entire World!

As we move deeper into the labor pains, we are seeing and being given more understanding from the Holy Spirit what the Prophet Isaiah was telling the Israelites and also the whole World on How God judges not only us individually, but also collectively as Nations and Governments. Those who don’t know God, never have an understanding of just how much God Our Father has His Hand on everything in this world. This not only includes creating everything in it, but this also includes the birthing of entire Nations and how much it is protected or how much it is cursed. God loves all of His Children in each country, but depending on how much the country follows His Commandments, Laws, Statutes and Decrees also directly relates to how protected it is by His Angels, or how much it is cursed without His protection. If you don’t read your Bible, this may be hard to comprehend, but this is clearly written in Deuteronomy 8:11 and Deuteronomy 8:14-20. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+8%3A11-20&version=NIV.

Also, again in Deuteronomy 11:26-28, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+11%3A26-28&version=NIV. So, here we see that God Our Father hates two things the most, pride and following false gods. We are created to Love God with all of our hearts, all of our minds, and all of our souls. So, why wouldn’t we understand that He would get angry if we said we didn’t need Him, love Him, or believe that He is the only God, when He is the very one that Loved us into being? This makes sense to us because the Holy Spirit has graced us with this knowledge and understanding. But, what about those that believe Jesus’ Mercy from the New testament overcomes the Old testament that is filled with laws, commandments and decrees? Remember, Matthew, 5:17, Jesus told us that He did not come to abolish the laws, but to fulfill them. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matthew%205:17&version=NIV. God’s Mercy is to forgive sin, but not overlook it. Jesus Christ died so that our sins may be forgiven and we come to know God Our Father, but not so that we may continue in sin, but be renewed, and transformed as a Disciple of His striving to become Holy for Him and alleviating all sin from our lives.

So, we have to understand that what is happening now to the entire world is a curse that we have brought upon ourselves for abandoning God and His Laws and allowing sin to rule our lives. God has not brought this upon us, but He has allowed the enemies of Jesus Christ to enact their evil plan and promote sin and He has removed His Heavenly Angels of Protection that He promised with His Covenant. Jesus is the New Covenant, but not a Covenant that removed God’s Commandments, but a Covenant that can have both God’s Laws and His Love. (Matthew, 5:17)

As we study the Prophet Isaiah, we see exactly what God Our Father was referencing when He explained not to be too proud, and not to follow pagan gods. Remember, these are the two things that God Our Father told us He really hates. In Isaiah 5:16-25. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+5%3A16-25&version=NIV. Clearly, Isaiah is saying that when we become so proud that we cast God aside, make up our own laws, call good evil, and evil good, WE ARE CALLING DOWN HIS JUDGEMENT UPON US. Isaiah 5: 18-21,”Ah, Those who tug at guilt with cords of perversity, and at sin as if with cart ropes! Who say, “Let him make haste, let him speed his work, that we may see it; On with the plan of the Holy One of Israel! let it come to pass that we may know it!” Ah! Those who are wise in their own eyes, prudent in their own view!” So, here Isaiah is saying that not only have the Israelites acted proudly and sinned, but they have also mocked God!

Next in Isaiah, Chapter 24, we see an apocalyptic judgement on the entire world. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+24&version=NIV. When we read the entire chapter, we see that Our Lord is angry because all of the inhabitants of the Earth have polluted it with transgressed laws, broken statutes, and have broken the ancient covenant. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and its inhabitants pay for their guilt. If sin becomes so abundant that it begins to pollute the entire Earth, then God is saying he has to step in and take action like He did in the days of Noah. Isaiah goes on to explain how God is going to renew the earth by laying it to waste, lock up the evil that has ruled it in a dungeon, the moon will turn red, and the sun will be ashamed or darkened, and God will reign on Mount Zion. This is basically summarizing the Book of Revelation and what God is going to do against the world for it’s transgressions or sins. Notice how Isaiah explains how the earth will be laid waste in Isaiah 24:18-23, and this is what we mean by this binary system being allowed by God to come between the Earth and Our Sun this time, (normally Planet X or Hercolubus goes around the outside of our Sun, this time it is going to come between it! This is what Pedro Regis told us in the Anguera Prophecies) “One who flees at the sound of terror will fall into the pit; One who climbs out of the pit will be caught in the trap. For the windows on high are open and the foundations of the earth shake. The earth will burst asunder, the earth will be shaken apart, the earth will be convulsed. The earth will reel like a drunkard, sway like a hut; Its rebellion will weigh it down; it will fall never to rise again.” Isaiah is saying that the entire earth will convulse until it is shaken apart by this binary system moving through and pulling on it’s foundations. “On that day the Lord will punish the host of the heavens in the heavens and the kings of the earth on the earth.” Isaiah is saying there will be a Spiritual battle in the heavens with God conquering and punishing the devil, and also all of the rulers and those that follow him (Freemasons and Elites) that have perpetuated this amount of sin. “They will be gathered together and thrown into the pit; they will be shut up in a dungeon, and after many days they will be punished.” This is what Saint John tells us in the Book of Revelation 19:19-21. “Then the moon will blush and the sun be ashamed, For the Lord of hosts will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, glorious in the sight of the elders.”

So, we appear to be rapidly moving towards the days of Noah, but we haven’t seen anything yet of what is still coming. Start getting mentally prepared for the amount of sin that we will begin to witness, but do not allow it to make you angry, but resolved in the fact that we will continue to persevere in Holiness for Jesus. Sin is moving in all around and we can’t allow it to take over our emotions because the devil and his demons uses anger to destroy everyone. Keep praying for God to increase Our Faith, Love and Peace in our hearts and minds in His Love so that we do not fall to the temptations of anger as protests, violence and hate spread.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You.

What Have We Accomplished So Far, June 10, 2020?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have gone back through the blog to try and organize it better for new followers so that everyone can get the information out about the Warning that we feel is coming very soon. The goals We have set out to accomplish for Our Lord Jesus Christ was to inspire you to Surrender to Our Lord, Be Transformed by the Holy Spirit, and become a Disciple to Serve Him in these End Times. Jesus also put it on my heart to start this blog in lieu of writing a book, to inform everyone that is willing to listen, of the times we are in and why we are in the End Times, or End of an Era. We are not at the End of the World. This is hard for some to believe because they are not relying on the Holy Spirit to guide them, but relying on their own intellect for discernment. We are currently in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew 24, and the Second Seal of the Book of Revelation, but also appear to be moving quickly now into the 3rd and 4th Seals. We are not sure why Our Lord only puts this information on some people’s hearts and not others, but what we have been guided to do in this blog, is to unite all Christians into Serving Jesus in the End Times to assist in the Salvation of Souls. We have also been guided by the Holy Spirit to explain the Prophecies of Our Blessed Mother and how she will also assist Jesus in these times for the Salvation of Souls and how important Her role is with the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. We have also been guided by the Holy Spirit to spread the message about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that people will be prepared for Our Lord, and not be deceived to fall away from Him after the Warning occurs.

There are several of us in this prayer group that pray and work together and we have a Priest that is our Spiritual Director that reviews our posts and keeps us in alignment with God’s Will. The Holy Spirit has shown us that not all Priests are in agreement with what we have been shown, but He has also shown us that many are and are waking up to signs of the times, more and more every day. Archbishop Carlo Vigano is on fire right now, and we need to take heed to what Our Lord has revealed to him. We started this blog in August 2019, believing we had more time and coming to the end of the 35 year time of Chastisements that Our Blessed Mother Mother warned us about at LaSalette, France. However, now, it appears either Our Lord has sped up time to move us quickly further towards the Tribulation, or He has changed His plan on how soon events will come, to include the Warning that may be here as soon as this Fall. Either way, it does not matter, because He is in control, and He has given us enough warning of prophecies from Our Blessed Mother, older prophets that have recently passed away, and current prophets today to have our oil lamps ready. This has been shown and proven throughout this blog with all of the prophetic messages listed and explained. It is up to every reader to discern the Truth now and you have to do that by taking it to Jesus Christ Himself. Please don’t depend on this blog, or any other person to reveal the Truth to you. We are just here as His servants, and it is up to you to spend time with Our Lord silently in your hearts in prayer everyday to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Here are the things we have done in this blog to prepare the Disciples of Jesus Christ to get ready for the Warning that may be here as soon as October, 2020.

1.) We have shown you the prophesies from Our Blessed Mother, older prophets and modern day Prophets that have pointed to the end times and the increase of sin and abandonment of God as a world and where this was shown Biblically. This has also been supported by current weather events, plagues (Pandemics), civil and economic disobedience and crisis we are experiencing right now. We have also shown you how Satan has influenced Freemasons, the Elites, and our societies into accepting sin, and moving us towards a global government and religion that will fulfill Scripture in the Book of Revelation.

2.) We have shown you that God has a plan for the protection of His Children that has been revealed by His Prophets and Our Blessed Mother on refuges and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart for the Salvation of Souls. The Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart comes prior to God’s Divine Justice, and Renewing the Heaven and Earth that lead us into the Era of Peace.

3.) We have shown you how to prepare your homes as both an Interim Refuge and how to Consecrate your homes for protection per Father Michel Rodrigue, and how Our Guardian Angels will lead us to a Permanent Refuge 6 weeks after the Warning for protection for 3 and a half years, while the antichrist is persecuting Christians. We will all suffer during this time, because it will be like our purgatory on Earth, before we are taken into Heaven by Jesus.

4.) We have shown you of what to put into your “Go Bags”, or “Go Backpacks” that we have been told by both John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue that you will be taking to the permanent Refuges. (Note, because of John Leary prophesizing these messages for more than 30 years, these Permanent refuges have already been prepared for these times, but we don’t know of their locations. Also, John Leary just had a prophecy fulfilled from 2012 with the recent Pandemic, so this proves he is not a false prophet. His video on the prophesied Pandemic can be found on the End Times Prophets, Bloggers, and Watchmen Page of this Blog.)

5.) We have shown you the natural herbal medicinal remedies Our Blessed Mother has given us to protect us through Luz De Maria from more Plagues and Pandemics that will continue to come prior to Us leaving for the refuges.

6.) We have shown you how to become a Disciple by increasing your Faith, Relationship, and Love of Jesus Christ and emulating Saint Paul the Apostle as an Evangelist for the Salvation of Souls.

7.) We have shown you that the best way to prepare for the Great Tribulation is Spiritually with Our Lord Jesus Christ, so that when the time comes, we have given Him our best and nothing can take away Our Love and Service to Him.

8.) We have created grouping emails by Countries and Cities to help others that are alone in these times. If you would like to join a prayer group in your city and country, please send us just your first name, the city and country you live in, and also that you desire to be in a prayer group through the contact page of this blog. We currently have them listed by countries, but if we get more people per city, we will separate the prayer groups out by cities. This is to help those that are alone in these end times and have no one else to turn to for assistance.

9.) We have listed a template plan for your prayer groups of what to do before the Warning and After the Warning to prepare and assist the Priests at the Churches after the Warning. We can also Evangelize like Saint Paul to bring as many people back to Jesus as possible. This template plan is listed in this blog for you to print and use for your prayer groups. We can add to this template as necessary to improve it, if you have a good idea. Charles that creates the YouTube videos, “Light of Mary”, had a good idea to give out bags of groceries with Scripture in it when the Famine begins. This will assist in feeding the hungry and evangelizing the gospel, so this is an excellent idea, we can also do this for Our Lord!

10.) We have separated out menus at the top of the blog so that everyone can easily navigate through the blog to get the important information he or she needs in a timely manner. We have a menu at the top of the blog page on the Warning posts, on how to prepare Physically for the refuges, and how to prepare Spiritually on getting closer to Jesus. If anyone else has any ideas that they feel has been guided by the Holy Spirit to share with us about how we can assist Jesus in these times, please send us an email through the Contact page.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.