What Have We Accomplished So Far, June 10, 2020?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have gone back through the blog to try and organize it better for new followers so that everyone can get the information out about the Warning that we feel is coming very soon. The goals We have set out to accomplish for Our Lord Jesus Christ was to inspire you to Surrender to Our Lord, Be Transformed by the Holy Spirit, and become a Disciple to Serve Him in these End Times. Jesus also put it on my heart to start this blog in lieu of writing a book, to inform everyone that is willing to listen, of the times we are in and why we are in the End Times, or End of an Era. We are not at the End of the World. This is hard for some to believe because they are not relying on the Holy Spirit to guide them, but relying on their own intellect for discernment. We are currently in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew 24, and the Second Seal of the Book of Revelation, but also appear to be moving quickly now into the 3rd and 4th Seals. We are not sure why Our Lord only puts this information on some people’s hearts and not others, but what we have been guided to do in this blog, is to unite all Christians into Serving Jesus in the End Times to assist in the Salvation of Souls. We have also been guided by the Holy Spirit to explain the Prophecies of Our Blessed Mother and how she will also assist Jesus in these times for the Salvation of Souls and how important Her role is with the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. We have also been guided by the Holy Spirit to spread the message about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that people will be prepared for Our Lord, and not be deceived to fall away from Him after the Warning occurs.

There are several of us in this prayer group that pray and work together and we have a Priest that is our Spiritual Director that reviews our posts and keeps us in alignment with God’s Will. The Holy Spirit has shown us that not all Priests are in agreement with what we have been shown, but He has also shown us that many are and are waking up to signs of the times, more and more every day. Archbishop Carlo Vigano is on fire right now, and we need to take heed to what Our Lord has revealed to him. We started this blog in August 2019, believing we had more time and coming to the end of the 35 year time of Chastisements that Our Blessed Mother Mother warned us about at LaSalette, France. However, now, it appears either Our Lord has sped up time to move us quickly further towards the Tribulation, or He has changed His plan on how soon events will come, to include the Warning that may be here as soon as this Fall. Either way, it does not matter, because He is in control, and He has given us enough warning of prophecies from Our Blessed Mother, older prophets that have recently passed away, and current prophets today to have our oil lamps ready. This has been shown and proven throughout this blog with all of the prophetic messages listed and explained. It is up to every reader to discern the Truth now and you have to do that by taking it to Jesus Christ Himself. Please don’t depend on this blog, or any other person to reveal the Truth to you. We are just here as His servants, and it is up to you to spend time with Our Lord silently in your hearts in prayer everyday to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Here are the things we have done in this blog to prepare the Disciples of Jesus Christ to get ready for the Warning that may be here as soon as October, 2020.

1.) We have shown you the prophesies from Our Blessed Mother, older prophets and modern day Prophets that have pointed to the end times and the increase of sin and abandonment of God as a world and where this was shown Biblically. This has also been supported by current weather events, plagues (Pandemics), civil and economic disobedience and crisis we are experiencing right now. We have also shown you how Satan has influenced Freemasons, the Elites, and our societies into accepting sin, and moving us towards a global government and religion that will fulfill Scripture in the Book of Revelation.

2.) We have shown you that God has a plan for the protection of His Children that has been revealed by His Prophets and Our Blessed Mother on refuges and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart for the Salvation of Souls. The Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart comes prior to God’s Divine Justice, and Renewing the Heaven and Earth that lead us into the Era of Peace.

3.) We have shown you how to prepare your homes as both an Interim Refuge and how to Consecrate your homes for protection per Father Michel Rodrigue, and how Our Guardian Angels will lead us to a Permanent Refuge 6 weeks after the Warning for protection for 3 and a half years, while the antichrist is persecuting Christians. We will all suffer during this time, because it will be like our purgatory on Earth, before we are taken into Heaven by Jesus.

4.) We have shown you of what to put into your “Go Bags”, or “Go Backpacks” that we have been told by both John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue that you will be taking to the permanent Refuges. (Note, because of John Leary prophesizing these messages for more than 30 years, these Permanent refuges have already been prepared for these times, but we don’t know of their locations. Also, John Leary just had a prophecy fulfilled from 2012 with the recent Pandemic, so this proves he is not a false prophet. His video on the prophesied Pandemic can be found on the End Times Prophets, Bloggers, and Watchmen Page of this Blog.)

5.) We have shown you the natural herbal medicinal remedies Our Blessed Mother has given us to protect us through Luz De Maria from more Plagues and Pandemics that will continue to come prior to Us leaving for the refuges.

6.) We have shown you how to become a Disciple by increasing your Faith, Relationship, and Love of Jesus Christ and emulating Saint Paul the Apostle as an Evangelist for the Salvation of Souls.

7.) We have shown you that the best way to prepare for the Great Tribulation is Spiritually with Our Lord Jesus Christ, so that when the time comes, we have given Him our best and nothing can take away Our Love and Service to Him.

8.) We have created grouping emails by Countries and Cities to help others that are alone in these times. If you would like to join a prayer group in your city and country, please send us just your first name, the city and country you live in, and also that you desire to be in a prayer group through the contact page of this blog. We currently have them listed by countries, but if we get more people per city, we will separate the prayer groups out by cities. This is to help those that are alone in these end times and have no one else to turn to for assistance.

9.) We have listed a template plan for your prayer groups of what to do before the Warning and After the Warning to prepare and assist the Priests at the Churches after the Warning. We can also Evangelize like Saint Paul to bring as many people back to Jesus as possible. This template plan is listed in this blog for you to print and use for your prayer groups. We can add to this template as necessary to improve it, if you have a good idea. Charles that creates the YouTube videos, “Light of Mary”, had a good idea to give out bags of groceries with Scripture in it when the Famine begins. This will assist in feeding the hungry and evangelizing the gospel, so this is an excellent idea, we can also do this for Our Lord!

10.) We have separated out menus at the top of the blog so that everyone can easily navigate through the blog to get the important information he or she needs in a timely manner. We have a menu at the top of the blog page on the Warning posts, on how to prepare Physically for the refuges, and how to prepare Spiritually on getting closer to Jesus. If anyone else has any ideas that they feel has been guided by the Holy Spirit to share with us about how we can assist Jesus in these times, please send us an email through the Contact page.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

7 Replies to “What Have We Accomplished So Far, June 10, 2020?”

  1. Thanks for this information. I live in Los Angeles, California. Ca you please include me in the Prayer Group near to where I live.

    Thanks and God bless us .

    Anne Mutia

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Thank you so much, i also live in La Habra California.Please include me and my husband on
    your list,
    Jose and Bertha Valle


    1. Hi Bertha, We can add you and your husband to the prayer group for California, we just need your email. Please use the Contact Us Page in the blog, and we will add you to the prayer group in California. Thank you.


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