Mike From Around The World, on his show, Council of Time.

For those that have been following this blog for a while and have gotten to really appreciate Mike From Around the World on the Pastor Paul Begley show, here is his show called, Council of Time. Mike has definitely been given the gift of discernment and wisdom from the Holy Spirit on the events that are taking place on this binary system that is moving towards our solar system. However, Mike has also been given a very clear understanding of Scripture. Here is his show, Council of Time, that you can subscribe to if you would like to listen to Mike’s Biblical understanding and discernment of Scripture and events taking place in our World today. He is very encouraging of the importance on being a True Disciple for Jesus Christ, which is what we really appreciate in this blog and believe can help us grow Spiritually. Here is his website that lists many different important factual information on world events that are occurring that we like to post on this blog, http://counciloftime.com/.

Here is his audio show that we listened to last night that was very encouraging Spiritually from April 1, 2020. https://soundcloud.com/ouncil1archive/04-01-2020-evening-study-matthew-18-continued.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

2 thoughts on “Mike From Around The World, on his show, Council of Time.

  1. Chris

    Hey I’m chris Reynolds I’m a fan of mike from around the world and would love to be able to talk with him just dont know how have questions about the bible and nibiru if that’s alright? Hope he is doing well and god bless.


    1. liveandloveforjesus Post author

      Hi Chris, we don’t actually know Mike From Around the World, and no one even knows what his name actually is, but he does have his own show called, Council of Time. We have posted it in our blog for those that like to listen to his personal show. You might be able to reach him through his website at http://counciloftime.com/. and ask him the questions you have for him. God Bless.



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